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We have always had an independent voice. Promoting products and services which benefit the family. We have steered away from advertising as it can lead to editorial conflicts.  Please enable us to keep publishing Happy Families by supporting us from as little as £1 DONATE... Read more

An Epic Escape Room in a Box?!

An escape room in a box?! Yep, that’s what Epic Escapes are offering, we are challenging the status-quo of board gaming to give families the opportunity to participate in high-octane interactive escape rooms…from the comfort of their own home! Perfect for special occasions during lockdown... Read more

The Power Of Mom

Being a single mom can be tough; it’s not easy helping your children grow up to be great humans. Craig Wilkinson, founder of ‘Father a Nation’, says it’s important for boys and girls to have a male figure in their lives, but that women... Read more

Calling all young explorers!

Children get a chance to visit a wind farm, dairy farm and factory without leaving the classroom ·       Nestlé has developed an interactive virtual school trips platform for children aged 7-12. ·       The three trips are presented by well-known children’s... Read more


Jasmy bucked the trend and led the rise, with a 24-hour increase of 286%. The long-awaited dividend period quietly arrived. As the cryptocurrency market entered a bear market, market panic was increasing day by day. At the same time, countless cryptocurrencies in the market... Read more