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We have always had an independent voice. Promoting products and services which benefit the family. We have steered away from advertising as it can lead to editorial conflicts.  Please enable us to keep publishing Happy Families by supporting us from as little as £1 DONATE... Read more

Football goes Tech

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have quickly gained popularity in the last year as a way to increase fan engagement towards sports events and players. High-profile teams and organisations in different countries are following the trend by creating their digital collectibles and offering fans a more... Read more

24% of mums less likely to seek promotion due to Covid

Nearly a quarter of working mums 24%] say they are less likely to seek promotion as a result of Covid, according to a [ survey. There have been big concerns about the potential impact of Covid, particularly the unequal sharing of caring responsibilities, on... Read more

The NEW food making dogs Soft & Shiny

Pooch & Mutt, a British pet food brand, has launched its new functional dry food ‘Soft & Shiny’ for dogs that need a little extra help in maintaining moisturised skin and a glossy coat, designed to improve skin and coat health and help pooches... Read more

5 unusual ways to make extra money as a parent

Looking to make some extra cash while still spending time with your little ones? In this article, Peter Watton from matched betting and side hustle experts OddsMonkey shares five ways that parents can make money from the comfort of their own homes. If there’s... Read more

Not every swim nappy has a Silver Lining!

Baby and children’s swimwear brand Splash About has introduced a unique, reusable swim nappy which is set to transform baby swimming. The Happy Nappy DUO has been scientifically developed and intensively tested over four years, and it is the first swim nappy proven to... Read more