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ISBN 978-1-78708-131-4

There’s something about ancient Egypt and the life of the Pharoah’s that always piques the curiosity. Maybe it’s the impressive monuments left behind thousands of years later or the sheer opulence of their lifestyle. Here in just under a hundred pages we delve into all things we can imagine and quite a few we hadn’t thought of. Every page is colourful with diagrams and photographs galore.

Naturally there is a lot on King Tut and the supposed curse as well as some theories behind the frail young man’s cause of death.

There’s a section on the Rosetta stone and you can see this in London and even buy a cool USB stick of it.

Of course you can’t get far away from the pyramids when discussing Egypt and there are several pages here with the usual dimensions and arguments and over the building techniques. It doesn’t mention they smell bad inside and that’s probably because they aren’t ventilated and all us tourists sweat.

As always in this series there is a big quiz at the end just to ensure that you have soaked up the facts like a wet papyrus. What percentage of ancient Egyptians were slaves is a good one – with a surprising answer.

This is both fun and informative and good for both kids and adults.