Five of the Best Ways to Cook Fish with STAUB’s Premium Cast Iron Cookware

Whatever the occasion, freshly cooked fish and seafood is one of the tastiest, healthiest dishes that can be enjoyed by family and friends alike.  Choosing sustainable, seasonal fish and shellfish provides the perfect ingredients for meals high in essential nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D and B2.  Fresh fish is rich in calcium and a great source of minerals such as iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium and potassium.  Here in the UK, look for Cornish Hake, handline-caught Mackerel, Dover Sole, Red Mullet and Gurnard as well as mussels, oysters, clams and scallops to help protect and preserve our ocean’s bounty.  Once the produce is selected, it’s time to think about how to cook it. STAUB has a range of premium cast iron cookware ideal for pan-fried fish and steamed seafood, allowing cooks to take the dish direct from oven or hob to table, serving up a fishy treat in style.  STAUB’s cookware perfect for seafood include a Fish Dish, Round La Mer Cocotte, Oval La Mer Cocotte, Black Fish Pan and Mussels Pot, everything the home cook needs to serve up a delicious recipe any day of the week.

The 32cm Fish Dish with Lid is perfect for cooking and beautifully displaying fresh whole fish.  Its La Mer design and Majolica colourway evokes images of the rolling sea while the cast iron enamelled construction ensures that all the absorbed heat is released slowly and evenly, ideal for gently cooking delicate white fish.  Its low profile shape means that any moisture created when cooking is solely concentrated on the fish inside for succulent, delicious results every time.  It is suitable for oven cooking as well as all hob types including induction.

One of STAUB’s most timeless and versatile cookware pieces, this La Mer 24cm Round Cocotte will add a striking pop of colour to any table.  Ideal for sustainable fish stew and fish pie, this classic piece of cookware has a generous capacity of 3.8 litres, great for everyday meals, weekend suppers or dinner parties for friends.  Its special drop structure within the lid ensures juicy, tender results while the combination of a cast iron outer and black enamelled inner can be used for storing both heat and cold for an even temperature.  Use in the oven or on all hobs, including induction as well under the grill to brown off a fish pie.

STAUB 33cm Oval Cast Iron Cocotte – Price Guide £349.00

STAUB’s 33cm La Mer Oval Cast Iron Cocotte is ideal for crowd-pleasing with a one-pan Spanish fish stew or French bouillabaisse.  It has a flat lid with teardrop-shaped structure on the inside, which allows any condensation to drip evenly onto the ingredients inside for tender, juicy results.  It is compatible with all hobs, including induction, as well as in the oven for gentle slow cooking at low temperatures.  The 6.7 litre capacity is big enough for large gatherings while two handles allow cooks to safely carry it from oven to table for a real show-stopping meal.

Another way of serving up fish in style directly from oven to table is with the 31cm Cast Iron Fish Pan with Lid.  The oval design comes in a sophisticated black finish for a simple, understated look that complements all kitchen decors, while the 0.7 litre capacity makes it ideal for family meals.  The unique lid distributes ‘Aroma Rain’ condensation created during cooking over the fish for an intense, mouth-watering flavour while the black matte enamelled interior is ideal for crisp searing, grilling and roasting.  Use for Mediterranean baked fish with garlic and basil and serve up with lemon rice or a tasty Greek salad.

Whether cooked in a white wine and cream broth, a cider sauce or left au naturel, a steaming hot pot of mussels is a winner every time.  In fact, STAUB’s 25cm Oval Cast Iron Mussel Pot is perfect for all types of shellfish, including clams and cockles, with a black cast iron mussel-shaped design that ensures the seafood stays warm once served at the table.  Its even heat distribution reaches every corner inside, so every shell opens and there’s a grill that bisects a small area into which spices, herbs or liquids could be added for extra flavour.  There’s also a removable sieve for pouring sauce.

The very first cast iron cocotte designed by Francis Staub was made in the Alsace region in 1974 and the company has since gone on to become the cookware brand of choice for professional cooks and celebrity chefs alike, with culinary giants such as Claude Bosi opting for the unique features that the STAUB name can offer. Its cookware is used by almost half of all Michelin starred chefs in France so it’s easy to see why STAUB is so highly sought after, in both the professional kitchen and at home.