Children’s author Karina Frederiks has hit her stride with the six book series about a young fairy blue haired called Grumbalina. She is growing up on a cloud in the sky and it is called Pufftown.
Aimed at the 3-8 age range Grumbalina will confront life issues such as loneliness, sibling rivalry and of course getting into trouble a school.
Sometimes even magic can’t fix things!
Each book has some fun illustrations alongside the life lessons and as Karina told me itm is her aim to get kids away from electrical devices and reduce screen time.
Backpacks and a fun wand are available too.

Initial titles include Grumbalina And The Day Everything Changed as well as Grumbalina and the Cardboard Wand and Grumbalina and the Golden Wand.

Karina is from Canada and writing has been her passion since she was young. Readers in the UK will get UK spelling of words – yes I checked with her. £13-14