Lady Bluebell And Her Magical Gardens

Written and illustrated by Teresa Biddle

For ages 2-8 (Perfect for reading to little ones)

Publication date:1st December

Lady Bluebell believes that if you think kind thoughts, nice things will happen. She wishes to share her gardens and wonderful experiences with you

This enchanting 40-page book delivers a simple yet powerful message of joy and harmony, and a welcome opportunity to take a pause from this busy world with your little ones. A world of innocence and wonder As we and the eager young Prince are transported to the magical, faraway lands of Lady Bluebell, we meet a succession of delightful animals and birds who are brought to life through the vibrant palette of the Pixie of Colour and the Fairy of Peace-creating colour and harmony wherever Lady Bluebell goes

It’s a world of innocence and wonder, encouraging children to unleash their imaginations and revel in the descriptions and pictures of enchanted gardens and even a miniature world in a tree inhabited by an old lady who was once the Queen of the Little Tree People. Little ones will be entranced by the fascinating illustrations that are brimming with tiny details and surprises that children will love to explore.

Lady Bluebell’s world is imbued with kindness and respect for all, which radiates from every page of the book, helping to teach children to nurture and appreciate all living things… and most importantly to believe in themselves and what they can achieve as their futures unfold.

Additionally, the reader is encouraged to actively participate in the sentiment and basics of biodiversity by creating their own beautiful wild bird haven and some tasty wild bird food, planting sunflowers in their gardens and painting their own colour wheel to learn about the Law of Colour.

When Teresa was a small child, she lived in an orphanage called The Ark, where she learned to respect and love the animal kingdom and all its beauty. She started painting the book’s illustrations as an adult, while living in Pennsylvania USA – and continued when she returned to her native England. Throughout it all, the magical dreams, concepts and characters of Lady Bluebell’s wonderful world have sustained Teresa and been a constant thread throughout her life.

Lady Bluebell and Her Magical Gardensby Teresa Biddle is published by Austin Macauley Publishers and is available to buy on, Amazon and all major booksellers

Paperback ISBN 9781528920964 RRP £8.99

HardbackISBN 9781528920971 RRP £11.99

Ebook ISBN 9781528963268RRP £3.50