Let the good bacteria do all the hard work for you! nookary gives new meaning to cleaning

nookary, the specialist online retailer of probiotic home cleaning products that care for your home and the environment, now offers a full range of refillable cleaning products for all your hard surfaces, carpets and fabrics – plus an air freshener formula too. The probiotic range is as high-performing as it’s eco-friendly – and also smells amazing. The non-toxic cleaners not only create a safer environment in your home for you, your family and your pets, but they also – thanks to the active bacteria in the probiotic formula – continue to clean your home long after you’ve stopped spraying.

Evocatively scented with natural essential oils, the probiotic cleaners come in beautifully designed, amber-coloured refillable, recyclable glass spray bottles that any eco-aware, style-conscious homeowner will be proud of.

Developed and made in the UK, the unique, VOC-free, non-toxic probiotic formula uses specially selected live Bacillus strains of bacteria to safely and effectively clean every type of surface in the home. The All-Purpose Probiotic Cleaner cleans not just bathrooms and kitchens –it’s great for tackling limescale – but hard floors and even mirrors and windows. The Probiotic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner will keep carpets, upholstery and fabrics fresh with a long-lasting clean and the Probiotic Air Freshener cleanses the air in your home while working behind the scenes to break down and remove bad odours for good.

Clean Less, Live More!

The good news is that nookary’s hard-working bacteria carry on cleaning long after you’ve stopped wiping, helping to keep surfaces, carpets and fabrics hygienic and germ-free in between cleans, giving you more time to do literally anything else!

Even better, switching to the nookary refillable eco-friendly cleaner range is not an expensive choice. Once diluted, a bottle of the All-Purpose Probiotic Cleaner lasts for two weeks on average. Each refill pouch contains enough concentrated probiotic formula to provide around 10 bottles’ worth of diluted cleaning solution; enough to see the average home through approximately 20 weeks of cleaning. This works out really cost-effectively at £1.80 per diluted bottle.

Not only that, the All-Purpose Cleaner is your surface, window and glass cleaner all in one, so it not only saves you from having to buy all three but is much handier and quicker to use around the house – and gives you more space in your store cupboard.

“nookary aims to help the homeowner be proud of the choices they’ve made,” says Jacqueline Smith, founder and owner of nookary.com. “We offer environmentally-friendly, natural, planet-friendly products that really do work. Once they start using them, consumers will see that our reasonably priced, beautifully practical, refillable products make it easy to achieve effective cleaning performance without compromising ecological ideals.”

The full Probiotic cleaning range comprises three products, all with fragrance options of Sicilian Lemon (Lemon & Bergamot), Tranquil Moments (Peppermint & Eucalyptus) and English Garden (Honeysuckle & Pear); and Beautifully Bare.

nookary Probiotic All-Purpose Cleaner
This natural All-Purpose formula is designed to work with nature rather than against it, leaving your home surfaces sparkling clean and smelling divine. It works brilliantly across all hard surfaces, even windows and mirrors, and it’s non-toxic so safer for you, your family and your pets.

The probiotics keep on working even once you’ve finished cleaning, so you can actually clean less!
The attractive amber glass bottle is refillable so no more plastic bottles piling up under the sink or thrown into landfill.

nookary All-Purpose Probiotic Cleaner RRP £10.50 for refillable starter bottle; Refill Pouch (enough for 10 refills) £18.00; or save over 10% and buy the Probiotic Cleaner and Refill together for £25.00

nookary Probiotic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
This natural and pet safe formula can be used at different concentrations to shampoo and condition your soft furnishings and carpets while deodorising and cleaning. Great for spot-cleaning too, the formula penetrates deep into fibres to tackle and eradicate stains and smells caused by food, drinks and pet spills.

The amber glass spray bottle comes with formula ready to be diluted with water. Once diluted, a bottle lasts for two weeks on average. Each refill pouch contains enough concentrated probiotic formula to provide around 10 bottles worth of diluted cleaning solution. Simply add water, shake and you’re ready to go!

nookary Probiotic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner RRP £10.50 for refillable starter bottle; Refill Pouch (enough for 10 refills) £18.00; or save over 10% and buy the Probiotic Cleaner and Refill together for £25.00

nookary Probiotic Air Freshener
This delicious-smelling Probiotic Air Freshener cleanses the air in your home and then works behind the scenes to break down and remove bad odours for good. Great for whenever you want to give your home a little uplift (just before guests arrive for example), to create a fresh and welcoming space you can feel proud of.

It works by using an odour counteractant within the product that binds to any existing odour molecules, preventing them from being detected by the nose. The probiotics in the product then degrade the organic matter causing the smell.

nookary Probiotic Air Freshener RRP £16.00 for refillable starter bottle; Refill Pouch (enough for 10 refills) £18.00; or save over 10% and buy the Air Freshener and Refill together for £29.00

Effective, non-abrasive cleaning that’s good for you, your home and kind to the planet

Probiotic expert and leading UK biochemist Dr Emma Saunders says “Instead of using harsh, toxic chemicals that can be abrasive and can themselves release unwanted toxins to the air, probiotic formulas work with nature using beneficial bacteria to cleanse surfaces of unpleasant bacteria by using living, beneficial micro-organisms (microbes) which need energy to thrive and multiply. And their energy comes from consuming the unwanted bacteria from the surfaces.

“By releasing specific enzymes according to the type of bacteria that is present, the probiotic microbes multiply to overwhelm the harmful bacteria leaving an inhospitable environment that they cannot survive in, reducing odours, as well as the risk of transferring bacteria from surfaces to the mouth.

“In fact, research in clinical dental and hospital settings has demonstrated that probiotic cleaning is better than using chemical disinfectants which usually eliminate surface pathogens immediately but are ineffective in preventing recontamination and pathogen regrowth occurring within a few hours after cleaning.”(1),(2)

nookary’s Jacqueline Smith adds: “Other biological products often contain enzymes that are sensitive to temperature and pH and have a very limited, short-term effect on your surfaces, or contain multiple strains of non-targeted bacteria that compete against each other instead of waging war on surface bacteria. Our nookary Probiotic Cleaning range contains an effective blend of Bacillus organisms, all of which have been selected for their ability to quickly degrade organic materials such as grease, fats, proteins, starch and oils that build up on surfaces over time.

“Not only that, but nookary’s probiotic cleaners also match a specific Bacillus strain to target and breakdown individual organic compounds that ensures maximum efficacy. The Bacillus strains were also screened for compatibility to ensure they do not compete against each other but instead individually thrive as they work to eradicate germs and eliminate odours.”

Sustainable and Recyclable

• Bottles – nookary’s Probiotic home cleaning range comes in beautiful amber coloured glass bottles that are designed to keep and refill, time and time again. Even the attractive typographical bottle labels are eco-friendly, made from hardwearing sustainably sourced wood pulp, printed with vegetable-based inks and are 100% palm oil free. The refillable bottle means no more plastic bottles piling up under the sink or being thrown into landfill. If and when it does need replacing, the bottle can be recycled with normal glass recycling.

• Refill Pouches – the reusable refill pouches are completely waste-free. Made from multi-layered plastic, they are sturdy enough to be sent ack to nookary to be refilled over and over again. When they finally become unusable, they are recycled by nookary’s recycling partner, whilst you’ll be sent a replacement pouch

• Packaging – when you receive your delivery, all of the packaging is kept to a minimum, is plastic-free and made from recycled paper that can be reused or recycled at home

• Supply Chain & Packaging – The raw ingredients in our essential oils are part of a scheme that gives back to the farming communities, plus we source & manufacture as local as possible to further reduce our footprint

Natural & Evocative Fragrances

nookary’s Probiotic home range delivers healthy, safe, effective cleaning and freshening while leaving an amazing fragrance in its wake. Using natural essential oils, the non-toxic fragrances are designed to bring a sense of freshness from the outdoors, evocative of happy places, into the home. Tried and tested by consumer testing groups, there’s a choice of three gentle yet irresistible scents: Sicilian Lemon: Lemon and Bergamot combine to deliver a sweet, citrusy, fresh scent of the Mediterranean in the summer; English Garden: the earthy sweetness of Honeysuckle and Pear evoke memories of dewy Spring mornings in the garden and the nectareous fragrance of long summer days; Tranquil Moments: the tranquil, cool and refreshing notes of Peppermint and Eucalyptus blend for a calming spa-like aroma. The mellow yet revitalising scent brings and inviting freshness to your home. There’s also a non-scented option available – Beautifully Bare – for those who prefer the gentle touch of unscented cleaning products.

Where to buy? Available from www.nookary.com