Map of Materials

Map of Materials has a simple, open story. As the hero, you’ll embark alone on a journey to discover your past and escape from the dark secret of a long-abandoned land. Armed with a sword and a bow, you’ll confront a threatening shadow that will try to stop you. FeaturesExplore – Explore an open world from a third-person view.Game world – caves, ruins, tombs, various biomes.Survive – In order to survive, you’ll need to ration your food.Combat – With a sword, bow, and a little magic you’ll fight dangerous creatures.Improve – During the game you can improve your weapons.Craft – Create items to help you survive.Loot – Find hidden items that improve your skills.Quests – These guide you through the game as you explore a beautiful world.Music – Beautiful soundtracks will accompany you on your dangerous journey.
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