The Bike Club

This is the UK’s first monthly kids bike subscription service, offering high-quality kids bikes that can be exchanged as children grow.

Founded in 2016 by wife and husband team Alexandra Rico-Lloyd and James Symes, the Bike Club has recently received £5.7million investment and are expected to become increasingly popular in the UK as they grow their offering.

Figures released recently showed that between May and July the number of children aged 5-16 cycling for fun or fitness increased by 18.4% compared to 2019, highlighting the huge rise in popularity of cycling for children.

Choose a bike
Join the club!
Enjoy family bike rides
Exchange anytime

To find a bike you need to enter simple details such as length of inner leg and age and a selection is offered and this includes the monthly price.

The sign up is simple and there is a nationwide (free) delivery service. There is a join up fee and a cancellation fee during the first 18 months.

This is to be considered if your child is growing fast. It depends on your finances as it will save on an initial outlay for a new bike. Apparently you can retain the bike if you keep it for nearly 3 years.

Obviously you will need to maintain it as it is not yours so major damage will need to be paid for.

As with any rental agreement it is best to read the clauses closely and also work things out with a calculator.