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We have always had an independent voice. Promoting products and services which benefit the family. We have steered away from advertising as it can lead to editorial conflicts.  Please enable us to keep publishing Happy Families by supporting us from as little as £1 DONATE... Read more

A brand-new TV channel dedicated to romance is launching on

Thursday 5th January 2023! Happy New Year-ning! Dreaming of cosying up with some love-ly film entertainment in the New Year? GREAT! romance, a brand-new, free-to-air, TV channel dedicated to bringing feel-good, romance films to TV screens, all day, every day, is launching on Thursday... Read more

Suri Eco Electric Toothbrush

Just when you thought that toothbrush design couldn’t go any further along comes Suri. Recently launched UK-based sustainable wellness brand SURI has created an innovative, eco-friendly electric toothbrush in a bid to offer the world’s most sustainable smile and help combat the wasteful impact... Read more

Why Your Christmas Tree Could Make You Sneeze

Some of us may be sniffling and sneezing our way through the Christmas period, particularly when we’re decorating the tree. This is because we could be suffering from a condition known as Christmas Tree Syndrome – an allergy to the pollen, dust and mould... Read more

New children’s publisher Townhouse Publishing Ltd launches Christmas title – Santa’s Christmas Countdown – that represents Santa as black for the first time in trade publishing.

New children’s book publishers, Townhouse Publishing Ltd, published Santa’s Christmas Countdown, illustrated by renowned children’s artist Sebastien Braun. Santa is rarely represented as black in a children’s book; very few can be found, and they are mostly self-published. In fact, no trade publishing house... Read more

Introducing STAUB’s Cherry Blossom Pastel Colourway

STAUB’s new Cherry Blossom colourway is available now online in STAUB’s most popular 24cm size, perfect for all kinds of dishes from hearty casseroles and stews to mouth-watering crumbles and bakes.  A 10cm mini version and 20cm, 26cm and 28cm diameter Cocottes will also be available online in... Read more