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We have always had an independent voice. Promoting products and services which benefit the family. We have steered away from advertising as it can lead to editorial conflicts.  Please enable us to keep publishing Happy Families by supporting us from as little as £1 DONATE... Read more

Grrreat news from Woburn!

The largest big cat species on the planet makes ‘roarsome’ summer arrival Keepers at Woburn Safari Park are especially excited to welcome the arrival of Dmitri, a splendid 165kg Amur tiger from ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, the largest species of big cat on the planet.... Read more

Hitachi Brings Cool to the Hottest Kitchens this Summer

Hitachi has launched a stunning line-up of premium fridge-freezers in time for summer, majoring on sumptuous glass finishes and cutting-edge food preservation technologies. Hitachi Europe is driving style and innovation into UK kitchens this summer with a stunning new range of premium refrigerators, available... Read more