UK Baby-Sitting Service

Having just had a brilliant experience with Baby Sitter UK, what could we do but recommend them to our viewers. It is always difficult when travelling to find a baby-sitter that one can trust, not only to take care of your children the way... Read more


You would need a week to do justice to Blackpool. We found so much more than expected including excellent dining and a theme park to rival Disneyland. This section will be building over the next few days and will continue to be updated. Our thanks... Read more


Feasting at the modern Greek table By Theo A. Michaels Ryland and Pers £16.99 ISBN: 9781788790796 Known for his Masterchef UK appearances Theo Michaels is on a mission to not only pay homage to the traditional Greek dishes of his childhood but also to... Read more

Mensa Kids Brain Busters

Carlton Kids £9.99ISBN: 978-1-78739-282-3 Split in three levels (Starters, intermediate and advanced) there are over 240 puzzles and in each section you will find ones that seem easy and others fiendish. Most are of the what number comes next or what would the next... Read more

Tomorrow I’ll be Brave

A double paged spread with each saying ‘Tomorrow I’ll be….’ and then followed by a further double paged spread expanding on that and what the young person, in most cases a bunny and a kitten will learn to be.There are just a handful of... Read more


Available from Lulu. Good quality print book. Deadlanders is available from two different online shops now. With talk of a feature film, this science fiction adventure is now in second edition. Still available on Amazon. Written a number of years ago and not published until... Read more

ABC of Feelings

Like a certain brand of paint it does what it say on the tin and indeed thge title is one big giveaway. So we have 26 words, well a bit of a cheat on the x letter, but the others are pretty much what... Read more