1 in 5 Children Follow or Want to Follow a Vegan Diet

A new survey carried out by BBC Good Food found that 8% of children are following a vegan diet and of those who don’t follow a vegan diet, 15% would like to. If you have a child who is interested in going vegan, Vegan Events UK markets provide the perfect place find out about veganism, and the huge range of foods and other products available.

These popular events feature a huge range of new vegan products and delicious food that you simply cannot buy at the supermarket, as well as natural and organic skin care and cosmetics, ethical and environmental clothing, educational and inspirational charities and organisations, and lots of useful info. They are also family friendly with FREE entry for children under 16.

Founder of Vegan Events UK, Victoria Bryceson comments, “With so many families looking for help for their children, our events will make the perfect starting point. They’ll be a chance for kids to try global vegan foods, vegan versions of standard dishes like fish and chips, pizzas and hot dogs as well as to learn more about how to go vegan. I’m happy to say we’ve been seeing a real increase in families wanting to find out more at our special events and have received lots of positive feedback too.

This autumn’s Vegan Markets:

Bath Vegan Market – 6th November 2021

Great Yorkshire Vegan Market – 14th November 2021

Essex Vegan Market – 27th November 2021

Manchester Vegan Market – 28th November 2021

Vegan Events UK was founded in 2017 with the joint aim of promoting veganism and helping to fund the vegan-led animal welfare charity, Miracle’s Mission, which is trying to set up a dedicated Disabled Animal Rehabilitation Centre to help the most vulnerable animals in need. The centre will provide dedicated care for the most vulnerable dogs and cats. They will receive thorough veterinary assessments, MRIs, surgeries, the fitting of prosthetics, and doggy wheels. At the moment, the charity is raising money to buy the property up front, which is a massive cost for such a small charity to bear.

Entry is from £4 payable on the day on the door (under 16’s free) or £15 for VIP tickets in advance from Eventbrite to include fast track entry and a goody bag full of vegan products, samples, discounts and offers. The venue has its own free car park

Please note that these events will be going ahead subject to the restrictions at the time of the event and organisers will be following social distancing measures according to laws laid out at the time of the event.