2022 wall art trends that will make your home décor stand out

This year, there are some really simple but effective design trends that you can tap into to give your home a refresh. Whether you’re looking for a whole room makeover or something subtle to ensure you’re on trend, there are a variety of tactics you can explore.

Here, design experts CEWE, share four wall art trends to introduce for 2022 that will make your home décor stand out.

Embrace the Pantone colour of the year – Very Peri

If you want to ensure that your wall art is really on trend this year, introducing the Pantone Colour of the Year is a great place to start. The colour for this year is ‘Very Peri’, Pantone 17-3938. This has been chosen as it symbolises courage and aims to highlight the transformative time period we’re living in and to help us embrace new possibilities through creativity and imagination. The tone is a striking shade of blue with a subtle violet undertone that evokes feelings of creativity and inventiveness.

If you want to tap into this trend in your home, wall art is a great place to start. This colour works particularly well alongside warmer colours, whites or brass finishes – so try to opt to introduce the shade in rooms that have one of these features. There are two effective ways to feature this colour in your home. The first is to opt for an abstract style and pattern by creating a collage of a series of prints that featuring the pantone. CEWE hexxas prints are great to use for this style, as they provide a flexible and creative way to display wall art. Or the second option would be to use the rule of three. That means taking three prints in this colour and display them on one wall in your home. Either is a really nice way to introduce the pantone and you can be sure your home will be right on trend.

Experiment with something new: Japandi

For a simple but effective interior design for your home – Japandi is definitely a trend you should look to introduce this year. It is the perfect fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design and takes a minimalistic approach, that is aesthetically appealing yet highly functional. Japandi aims to create a peaceful, calm and tranquil environment, with a focus on sustainability. Think natural materials and neutral colours – light, bright, simple and welcoming.

This trend is not only good to look at it, it’s also good for the mind and soul too. It evokes feelings of calmness and is a sure way to create your own personal sanctuary. To tap into this trend via wall art, opt for muted tones, wooden frames and pictures of moments in your life that make you feel happy and at peace.

Add texture to your walls

A trend that came into play towards the end of last year and is taking the design world by storm this year is textured walls, particularly via wall panel moulding. This trend is something that can be done yourself and adds a really high-end look and feel to any room. For a simple and quick turnaround, try adding the panels to just the bottom half of a wall – you can find the panels in most DIY stores. This look also creates a stunning background to add wall art through the 2D feeling that it provides.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you could take this trend one step further and create your own textured piece of artwork to proudly display in your home. To do this, you can use joint compound to create textured pieces that you can then frame and display alongside your favourite photos and wall art prints. This is great way to embrace your creativity and is a fun way to include the whole family with your interior.

Go bold and make a statement

This year try experimenting with colour and go bold with your interior design. A great way to do this is by introducing a statement wall through both painting and wall art. You could introduce the ‘Very Peri’ pantone colour or go for something striking such as cobalt blue, sage green or candy pink. This is sure to stand out and create a bold look and feel.

To take this one step further and really make a statement, consider introducing wall art to create a gallery wall. This design trend allows you to add a touch of you and to get creative. Feature prints that showcase your favourite memories, inspiring quotes or wall art that you love.

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