A Healthy Cuppa For Dad This Fathers Day!

The Pinestone Tea team is seeing a pattern in customers who are buying and coming back for more of their tea! 70% of these tea-lovers are men, so bang on trend for 20th June, which of course, is Fathers Day. Green tea is becoming more popular in the west due to its many health benefits. Research has shown that it can help with brain function, hydrate the body, and is high in antioxidant polyphenols.

Needless to say, the Pinestone Luxury Green Tea Set is the perfect present for discerning dads who love a healthy cuppa! And if he is a Chinese food fan, even better as the information below shows pairing certain Chinese teas with specific dishes.

Tea drinking culture in China is an important aspect of any mealtime. You may be surprised to know that different teas are best drunk with specific foods, just like fine wines.

Rich and satisfying Chun Mee tea has a magical property that is good for digesting heavy dishes with its more acidic flavour and is especially good with a meat main course.
Lung Ching (or Dragon Well) is the delicate all-rounder.
Refreshing Jasmine tea is marvellous with Dim Sum, lighter starters as well as desserts because of its fragrance.

So whether you enjoy cooking up a storm with your dad on Fathers Day or getting a good old Chow Mein delivered, why not try the different teas for each course..a lot more fun than a beer and a pie…and much much healthier too!

The Pinestone Tea Luxury Green Tea Set = £26.99 includes 100g Lung Ching, 100g Jasmine, and 100g Chun Mee loose-leaf tea. A complimentary re-seal clip to keep your tea absolutely fresh.
The teas are also available separately in 100g boxes.
FREE next-day delivery for orders over £20.

We have tried out the Jasmine tea which is harvested in Spring but stored carefully until Summer when the Jasmine flowers are picked and mixed with the tea, infusing the tea with their wonderful fragrance. In the morning they are separated, and the process is repeated seven to nine times, with fresh flowers being added each night.

This has a subtle aroma which belies a deep and rich taste which we found to be quite calming and relaxing after a stress filled day. It’s a dark colour best drunk without milk or sugar and is so palatable that this traditional pair are not needed.

We enjoyed it so much we will make sure that there is a constant store.

100g per box

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