Asda lists first eco period products after Linkedin viral post by &SISTERS CEO

A viral Linkedin post by the CEO of a B-Corp certified bleach-free and plastic-free period care 

brand has highlighted the range to Asda who have now launched its products.

In a major step forward, Britain’s third largest supermarket decided to launch &SISTERS on everyday low price, in line with their research last year which discovered 76% of customers would shop more sustainably if prices were more accessible.

Charlie Cohen, &SISTERS CEO, had posted that it was time supermarkets got their “act in gear and started prioritising the categories that actually enable you to walk the walk, rather than just talking about it”.

Bosses at Asda saw the post and got in touch with the brand immediately, leading them to list &SISTERS medium and heavy pads, liners and medium and heavy Naked Tampons® from 11 September – becoming the supermarket’s first sustainable period care brand.

It comes after the retailer began rolling out changes to its store signage for menstrual products from “feminine hygiene” to “period products” at the end of last year, in a bid to update language which many say implies that periods are unhygienic – as well as  to be more inclusive for those who have periods but don’t identify as female.

In his Linkedin post, Charlie added: “The menstrual cycle is pretty crucial, in fact so crucial that it is responsible for the continuation of human life so it probably deserves a little more time and effort from those responsible for helping us live in sync with it.

For all those currently embarrassed to talk about it or worried for being judged because of some of the shame or stigma you are subjected to, just remember that without it, those people shaming you or making you feel embarrassed simply would not exist! That is pretty powerful… rant over.”

Over a woman’s lifetime, over 11,000 mainstream disposable period products end up in landfill, taking between 500 too 800 years to biodegrade. The &SISTERS organic period products compost in just 18 months, so making the switch to a more sustainable option has a hugely positive impact.

The chemicals in mainstream “sanitary” products cause a myriad of gynaecological conditions at a time where it’s increasingly challenging to get a gynaecologist appointment.

These mainstream products are bleached white with chemicals that are known to irritate the skin, disrupt vaginal natural pH levels and increase susceptibility to gynaecological infections. In addition to bleach, scientists have found fragrances, pesticides, fertilisers and up to 95% plastic in mainstream products.

&SISTERS Naked Tampons®, breathable liners and pads are 100% Soil Association Certified Organic Cotton, sustainably sourced with zero synthetics, chlorine bleach, dyes or perfumes. They will retail from as little as £2.88.

Charlie Cohen, &SISTERS CEO, said: “We are delighted Asda has actually walked the walk with this listing and quick turnaround and we hope other retailers will follow suit. 

The current cost pressures faced by the UK consumer and the importance of great products for a family’s menstrual health means we made the decision to support Asda’s everyday low pricing strategy. Our lines will be available for an extended time to support access to bleach-free period care products.”

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