Brace Your Bump with BeSafe!

BeSafe launch new pregnancy belt for expectant mothers on their travels

Besafe is dedicated to developing the safest travel solutions for babies and children of all ages, including pregnant mothers. With the launch of their latest pregnancy belt the Pregnant iZi Fix, BeSafe is making sure pregnant women can travel as safely as possible when on the road.

The Pregnant iZi Fix aids safe travel for both mother and unborn child in the event of an accident, and is recommended from the 2nd month of pregnancy. The BeSafe pregnancy belt does not interfere with the basic safety performance of the 3-point seat belt but helps to position the lap belt so it always keeps the unborn child safe. In the event of a collision the Pregnant iZi Fix guides the hip belt away from the stomach and baby reducing the impact.

The belt has a contemporary fresh design aimed with comfort in mind. The fastener holding the belt low is also designed to rest forward to make it easy to sit on and fit. The Pregnant iZi Fix is easy to install either using the ISOfix or can be fastened around the back of the chair. This innovative design will keep bumps safe and snug on the road, recommended from 8 weeks until birth.

Pregnant iZi FIX £42.99 available at all good independent retailers

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