Conscious and unique gift ideas for your loved ones this Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner on 27th March, now is the perfect time to prepare a special present for them, whether they’re your mum, another parental figure, or any one of the loved ones in your life. And why not use this opportunity to do something good for the planet too?

Conscious gifts can be fantastic for a number of reasons. Not only are they ideal for loved ones who lead eco-friendly lifestyles, but they can be extra thoughtful too, especially if you make part of the gift yourself. Plus, by taking a conscientious approach you can be inventive and opt for a truly unique gift you may not have even considered before.

If you’re looking for a conscious present which will stand out from the rest, Denby are here to help. Read on to discover some of the best and most unique conscious gift ideas to show your loved one just how much you care this Mother’s Day.

Do a home cookery class together

The best gift you can give any loved one is quality time. So why not plan something fun for you to do together? A great way to spend some time together is to take a home cooking class. Not only is cooking together a great bonding activity, but you’ll end up with a delicious meal to enjoy together at the end of it!

If you’re looking to include something extra, a bottle of wine and a pair of wine glasses would be the perfect addition to the gift. You can also find out the dish you’ll be cooking beforehand to make sure the wine pairs well with the meal. For a conscious gift, choose a locally-made wine and opt for the highest quality glasses so they will last and  can be enjoyed for years to come.

Take them on an eco-friendly experience day

You can spend some quality time with your loved one and do good for the planet by gifting them with an experience day. This is a great opportunity to try out an activity you usually wouldn’t, so you can really think outside of the box. And with experience gifts you’re sure to make some fantastic memories together too.

There are a variety of different sustainable experience gifts on offer, so you shouldn’t be short on options no matter what you and your loved one are interested in. For a night of luxury, book a night glamping, or a stay in a green boutique hotel. Or if you’re looking for something very unique, try out a beekeeping experience to see where you get your honey from first-hand. If your loved one enjoys getting back to nature, you could gift them with a foraging course or forest bathing experience.

Help them relax with a mindfulness box

Mindfulness has become important to many of us over the past few years. Practicing mindfulness can help to protect our wellbeing, making it the perfect act of self-care. So show your loved one just how important they are to you this Mother’s Day by gifting them a mindfulness box, full of gifts which can help them relax and take care of their wellbeing. As well as being a gift they’re sure to appreciate, you can make it sustainable by opting for high quality and durable pieces built to last, and choosing fragrances or lotions made from all natural ingredients.

To get started, fill the box with a few mindfulness essentials, such as:

  • A teapot and tea cup or mug, alongside a box of calming herbal tea and their favourite biscuits. Opt for sustainable pieces made from durable materials such as stoneware ceramics so they can last a lifetime.
  • Essential oils and lotions with calming scents, like lavender or rosemary.
  • Tools for a relaxing activity, such as colouring pencils and a colouring book, or knitting needles and yarn.
  • Equipment for an activity they love. For example, if they’re a keen baker you could add bakeware to the box.
  • A journal for them to note down how they’re feeling.

Give new life to an old treasure

We all have an old precious belonging we hang onto even if we don’t use it as much anymore. So why not help your loved ones make the most out of their favourite old treasure by giving it a new lease of life? Upcycling can be a great way to show your loved one how much you care, as it requires you to put time and effort into their gift. Plus, it’s incredibly eco-friendly as it uses materials which are already there.

There are a number of different ways to upcycle, so you shouldn’t be short of choice. If your loved one has an old bowl they love but it isn’t getting much use, one great option is to turn it into a planter and fill it with their favourite flowers or succulents. Or, why not try turning an old teacup or mug into a candle? Make sure to use their favourite scent to make the gift extra special.

Hayley Baddiley, Global Marketing Director at Denby has commented:

“Mother’s Day gives us all the chance to treat someone special in our life. Even if it isn’t our own mothers, we can take it as an opportunity to appreciate any mother figure, from the ones who raised us to the ones who make our lives what they are today. And if you’re looking for sustainable gifts to celebrate your loved ones, the good news is that you’re completely spoilt for choice.

“If you have a foodie in your life, a home cooking class is a great sustainable gift. Not only do you get to spend some quality time together and improve your cooking skills, but you’ll end up with a delicious meal to enjoy at the end of it. And you can even treat your loved one to a new pan or set of cooking utensils too, so they have the best tools to practice their new skills with.

“To make sure that your gifts are truly conscious, opt for items made out of durable materials which can last for years. And where possible, choose classic and versatile styles so that your loved one will appreciate their gift in ten years time as much as they do when they first unwrap it.”

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