Dualit’s New Compostable Coffee Bags Create Sustainable Barista-Quality Coffee at Home in Minutes

Coffee lovers who appreciate the taste and aroma of a cafetière or filter coffee but don’t often have the time to make one or want to avoid the mess it makes, can now enjoy all the rich flavour of their favourite bean with Dualit’s Compostable* Coffee Bags, which are now available in three new flavours. Perfect for eco-conscious individuals, each bag is 100% industrially compostable and holds a generous 9g single serving of pure ground coffee, which guarantees a rich, robust flavour. Mess-free, brewed and ready to drink in as little as three minutes, all that’s needed is Dualit’s Compostable Coffee Bags, a kettle and mug. The bags contain only the finest hand selected beans, crafted by iconic British brand Dualit’s Master Roaster in its small batch roastery in the heart of West Sussex.

Dualit Lungo Americano Compostable Coffee Bags – Price Guide £9.99 for 50

Lungo Americano is a well-balanced, medium strength coffee with notes of rich cereal, treacle and dried fruit. This medium roast is perfect for smooth Americanos. The Intense Compostable Coffee Bags are another new blend; a dark roast with notes of roasted nuts and molasses with an indulgent dark chocolate finish. Finally, the single origin Indian Monsoon compostable Coffee Bags are bold yet creamy with notes of velvety milk chocolate and tropical fruits with a malty, sweet finish. Variety packs which include all three new flavours in one box are also available. Offering great value, the Coffee Bags are priced at £9.99 for 50 bags and the Variety Pack is £5.99 for 30.

Dualit Intense Compostable Coffee Bags – Price Guide £9.99 for 50

To make the perfect coffee, simply pop the Dualit Coffee Bag into a cup or mug, fill with boiling water and let the bag inflate – what Dualit calls ‘Bloom Technology’. The asymmetric design immerses the coffee instantly to extract maximum flavour. Brew for three minutes, stirring every 30 seconds. For a stronger, fuller flavour, leave to infuse for four minutes. The bags are individually wrapped and sealed to retain freshness and they are 100% compostable. Simply pop the used bag and sachet into the general food waste bin and when collected by the council, the materials will break down in around 90 days using natural heat to turn into compost.


Available exclusively from Dualit, www.dualit.com and Amazon