Factology: Romans

ISBN: 978-1-78708-145-1

Button Books £12.99

The latest release in the Factology series – 98 page books filled with fun facts, diagrams and the odd quiz has just been released by Button books and follows on the release last year of Ancient Egypt, Space, The Human Body and Bug, all 4 of which we have reviewed.

These are a fun way to learn and rush through an incredible range of topics. In Romans we are introduced to the lives of the immensely powerful rulers as well as that of the slaves. We all thought that slaves were conquered tribes but you could also be put into slavery for falling into debt, so probably a good idea to be on good terms with the bank manager.

Gladiators get a good mention though it is a surprise to see that there is no evidence for a thumbs up. See the Gladiator school Section. Fighting was a big part of the Empire as it expanded and the army and those famous galleys called trireme and the tactics they used.

Other topics covered are the gods, priests, Latin, numbers and the messy and risky toilets – look for the octopus story!

There’s an index and glossary and the aforementioned 25 question quiz.

Parents will learn new things too