Factology: The Human Body

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ISBN 978-1-78708-134-5

The latest in this fun filled fact series concentrates on all things to do with our body from organs through to DNA. As with all the books in the series it comes in at just under 100 pages and is full colour with hundreds of diagrams and photographs as well.

See our marvelous lungs and the actions of the red and whiite blood cells as well as the epidermis and down to subcautaneous and did you know that there are 22 bones in the skull?

The onset of medicine as well as a few quack remedies from the ancient Egyptians to name one are included as well as the fact that modern thermometers use electrical sensors rather than mercury. The latest research also hints a malaria breakthrough.

As with all the books in this series there ia glossary and a quiz – what is the jelly like substance that fills most of your eye? Turn to page 54. Why is poo brown? – Try page 35!