Family Memories start with Cycle Prog

Created in 2012 by cycling fanatics, wife and husband team Karen Gee and Chris Jones, Cycle Sprog started life as a blog following their family cycling adventures, but fast became on online resource for parents looking for impartial information and advice on everything from bikes to rides to accessories. 

Founder Karen says “I cycled regularly for travel and leisure before I had my two boys but realised that it became much more of a challenge with little ones in tow. Even as someone who was interested in bikes, I felt frustrated by the lack of clear and impartial advice in terms of what bike to buy and safe places to go.”

Ten years down the line, Cycle Sprog is THE go-to platform for biking with bumps, babies and beyond and includes:

  • Research and impartial advice from a team of experts
  • Founder of Cycle Sprog and family cycling expert Karen GeeA ‘bike matching’ tool to quickly find the best bikes available for your age of child
  • Multiple honest and independent bike reviews
  • Clothing and accessory guides
  • A bike buying checklist
  • Step by step bike assembly instructions
  • Exclusive offers and discounts
  • Links to buy for quicky hassle-free purchasing

Karen continues; “Over the past ten years Cycle Sprog has inspired millions of families with our easy-to-understand advice articles and product reviews – whether they’re cycling for transportation, fun or sport,” She adds; “The environmental, health and financial benefits of cycling mean even more parents, carers and grandparents are now looking to us for advice on how to incorporate cycling both as part of the daily routine and a fun family-friendly activity for weekends and holidays.”

Designed specifically as an independent resource, Cycle Sprog does not sell products. Instead, they link their thorough product reviews and tips on what to buy directly through to recommended online retailers.  Whilst they gain a small commission from retailers for any sales they generate, the team are quick to encourage visits to local stores to try-before-you-buy and only promote brands that share their values and passion.  And whilst their site contains some sponsored content, this has no influence on reviews and is often accompanied by offers and promotions passed on viewers. 

“As a family we’ve made so many wonderful memories on our bikes,” Karen ends by saying; “From the daily school run to far flung road trips and local weekend adventures. It’s amazing every time I hear that we’ve inspired another family to give it a go and make their own special memories in the process.”

So, what are you waiting for? Start your family’s cycling journey today and start making memories on your very own adventures. For more information and to get involved with Cycle Sprog head to