Fire paintballs at the UK’s biggest villain – British public to choose the new face of paintball target range

The team at are preparing to launch a new set of paintball range targets at more than 75 venues around the UK and have launched a poll where people from all around the UK can nominate who they think should be the face that paintball customers can cover in paint.

The poll has already received numerous nominations, with the top 10 celebrities and well-known faces that the public think should be the new face for target practice currently standing at:

1.      Prince Harry

2.      Jeremy Clarkson

3.      Meghan Markle

4.      The Tottenham fan who kicked Aaron Ramsdale in the head

5.      Elon Musk

Other celebrities with a lot of votes already include Donald Trump, James Corden, Piers Morgan, Matt Hancock and Kanye West.

To see who’s currently taking the lead in the poll, and to nominate your favourite villain, visit:

Voting is open until 23:59 on Wednesday 8th February.

Justin Toohig, Founder of, commented:

We’re always looking for ways to make paintball more fun and letting the UK public vote on who they think should be the face of our new paintball range targets seems a good way to do that. When we say we’re looking for the UK’s favourite villains, these aren’t necessarily bad people, but it might be because they’re constantly in the news and maybe we’re tired of hearing about them, or they do something completely shocking, such as kicking a football player in the head on live TV.

The top 10 has been changing frequently, so we’re intrigued to see how it will look when it comes to the closing date, revealing who will be crowned as the UK’s favourite villain – and who will ultimately be the face of our new paintball range targets.”