Football goes Tech

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have quickly gained popularity in the last year as a way to increase fan engagement towards sports events and players. High-profile teams and organisations in different countries are following the trend by creating their digital collectibles and offering fans a more personalized experience.

The British professional boxer Tyson Fury, sold the NFT featuring himself Lineal by Tyson Fury for nearly US$1 million at auction. Many other players and teams are following suit. 

Recently, JASMY officially signed a cooperation agreement with Sagan Tosu, the top club of the Japanese Football League. JASMY has also become the official sponsor of the football club. Sagan Tosu currently ranks fourth in Japan and is also the first team in Japan that has not been relegated.

Fernando Torres, star player of the Tosu Sandstone Team : In 2008 and 2012, he followed the Spanish team to win the European Cup twice . He won the European Cup final MVP in 2008, the World Cup with the team in 2010 and won the European Cup Golden Boot in 2012 and 2013. Won the Confederations Cup Golden Boot Award .

In addition, JASMY will use the original blockchain technology to help the Sagan Tosu team to issue the world’s first NFT fan token in the field of football. The issuance of fan tokens will be a creative fusion of JASMY blockchain technology and the IP owned by the football team.

The applications of blockchain technology are quickly reaching different fields, not only sports. The same Jasmy uses for data protection by combining blockchain and IoT technologies.

In a world in constant change, being flexible and innovative is rewarding the trendsetters. Blockchain technology is now the future and NFT is a new form of memorabilia: unique, safely stored, and cannot be forged.

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