Fun & easy Halloween decoration ideas and costume hacks for half-term fun!


Louise’s family-friendly crafting tutorials are available on the McDonald’s Family Hub for a spell of creativity this Halloween

As families head into the October half-term, McDonald’s is providing fun activities to keep the kids entertained at home, with crafting videos from social media creator and crafts master, Louise Pentland.

Families can access step-by-step guides on how to upcycle items due for recycling to make fun Halloween decorations, as well as spooky costume upgrades. Tutorials include transforming your leftover packaging into a Happy Halloween House, mini mummies, using images of your children’s faces; glitzy hats decorated with bats; and magic wands using coloured ribbons and bright paint.

How to transform leftover packaging into a Happy Halloween House:

  1. Find an old carboard box ready for recycling  
  1. Paint the inside black with something like acrylic paint – wait for it to dry completely
  1. Cut out the windows and doors – first draw on guidelines with a pencil, then with a craft knife, cut the bottom flaps off the box, cut windows into the house and three sides of a door (leave the fourth side of the door, as this will act as a hinge).
  1. Reassemble the box inside out – use some sticky tape to seal
  1. Decorate freely – this could include drawing a roof with silver, white, or gold pens and/or adding biodegradable glitter to the window frame with child safe glue
  1. Pop a battery-operated tea light inside the house to light it up and give it a spooky finish!

All of Louise Pentland’s tutorials can be found on the McDonald’s Family Hub.