How to Be Kind to Your Mind: Advice for New Mums

Let go of mum guilt and enjoy the first years of motherhood with the help of this self-care support guide

Sleepless nights, endless feeding and the constant whir of the washing machine are often
what you expect when you become a mum – and on top of all that, there’s “mum guilt”. Often
born from the unrealistic expectation of the “perfect” mother, mum guilt is the term given to
the feelings of inadequacy that women experience in relation to their children and their
parenting choices.
This is where Guilt-Free Mum comes in. Learn to allay those fears that you are falling short
of expectations and give yourself a break!
Inside you will find:

  • Top tips and techniques on how to overcome mum guilt
  • A multitude of simple ways to inject self-care into a busy schedule
  • Case studies from other new mums on how they overcame their anxieties
  • Empowering quotes to inspire and motivate
    It’s time to reject the notion of the perfect parent and start being kind to yourself. Guilt-Free
    Mum is here to remind you that you don’t have to achieve perfection to be an amazing mum.