HP launches an illustrated book to help parents educate children on sustainability and biodiversity

HP launches an illustrated book to help parents educate children on sustainability and biodiversity

HP has partnered with environmental illustrator Tiffany Beucher to launch a new, interactive picture book that educates children about the importance of sustainability and ocean biodiversity.

By creating a picture book that is both interactive and easily digestible for children of all ages, HP hopes to encourage the next generation of leaders to engage in the sustainability debate – given the relevance of global warming on this generation.

Research from Oxford University highlights the advantages of engaging with young children by integrating sustainable education within childhood education. These benefits include establishing meaningful attitudes and long-term commitments about the environment, as well as the desire to protect planetary biodiversity at all levels.

Research also shows that educating children on sustainability helps to develop a commitment to social justice as well as an awareness and advocation for political changes in service of local and global well-being. Awareness in social justice is a key factor in developing empathy, one of the most desirable traits that parents want their children to learn.

The main character of the picture book, titled ‘The Ocean Rescuers’, is a turtle whose only friends are single-use plastic items that have damaged the turtle’s coral reef habitat. It’s not until the turtle is forced to swim to a new lagoon where he realises the effect his single-use plastic friends have had on the environment – his new lagoon has far cleaner water with lots of varying fish friends that are able to talk and communicate to him.

What better home-based activities are there to undertake with your children than to print, create and read this unique and entertaining environmental resource?

Printing from HP+ devices, such as the all-new ENVY Inspire range, manufactured from over 45% recycled ocean bound plastics, will also ensure that for every page you print, HP gives more back to the environment. This means that irrespective of the paper brand printed on, HP invests in protection, restoration or responsible management of forests by collaborating with credible environmental NGOs that are recognized experts in forest ecosystems.​

Available for free on HP’s printables website, parents and children are able to easily download and print the storybook at home.