Introduction of a Payment Service Utilizing Individuals’ Unique Data

Jasmy has begun considering the introduction of a Payment service that utilizes the data of unique individuals.

As already announced, with the “Jasmy Personal Data Locker (Data Locker),” based on our original core service “Secure Knowledge Communicator (SKC),” Jasmy has been aiming to realize an environment in which people can safely manage their own data and use it more actively than ever with peace of mind. As one of the most important ways to utilize the data, we have started to consider the introduction of a new payment service that allows users to safely store their own valuable data in the Data Locker and actively utilize the data.

Payment services require a high level of information management, and there have been cases of serious security incidents due to hacking. Jasmy will use Data Locker to develop payment services that meet strict security requirements.

In addition, the payment service is not a mere deposit-type system, but a unique reward system that uses Data Locker to provide sustainable added value to users. The goal is to create a payment service that allows users to convert their own activity history and other data into points, coupons, etc., which can be used in the same way as cash.

Through the introduction of a payment system utilizing this data locker, Jasmy will make the value of individual data more accessible to the public and create a future in which people can engage in safe, secure, and highly convenient economic activities by realizing the “democratization of data “.

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