Is the ‘autumn clean’ the new spring clean? Cleaning expert offers tips and tricks

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but health experts suggest that a deep clean should be carried out twice a year, with autumn the ideal time to get scrubbing! 

Geoff Johnson, Director at cordless vacuum cleaner brand ROIDMI UK says: “Autumn is an essential time to give your home a deep clean as the falling temperatures and wetter weather outside, combined with windows being closed, creates the perfect conditions for carpets to harbour dirt, germs, and harmful allergens.

It’s worth spending some time in autumn to give the house a post-summer deep clean ready for when the colder spells set in and you will just want to keep warm and watch TV on the settee!

Geoff has offered his expert autumn cleaning tips: 

For muddy paw prints 
We love our pets, but they can cause cleaning chaos with muddy paw prints and loose hair covering the house. I recommend waiting for the mud to dry to prevent spreading the stain. Once the mud is completely dry, use a vacuum cleaner, preferably with a hose attachment so you can really focus on the dirt. Then, you’re going to want to give the area a mop to leave the floor sparkling. Our ROIDMI X30 PRO is the ultimate machine for pet owners as it busts through the dirt with a selection of tools such as the pet brush and even has a wet mopping attachment, ideal for moulting pets and those mucky paw moments.”

Clean behind everything
Remember to pull out sofas and large pieces of furniture to get to those hard-to-reach places that aren’t frequently cleaned. You will be surprised how much dirt builds up in a short time! To give your home a new lease of life, you could even try rearranging some of the furniture.

Vacuum up high
Get the vacuum cleaner out and suck up all the cobwebs and dirt from hard-to-reach corners, like above door frames, blinds, curtain rails, ceilings, and walls. Pop on the dust brush attachment to make light work of dusting shelves and ornaments too.” 

Give your mattress a freshen up
When deep cleaning, you want to do more than just change the bedding. You can use your vacuum cleaner attachments to suck up dirt and debris from your mattress. Spritz the mattress with some fabric-safe scent spray for ultimate freshness.

Clear out the kitchen cabinets
Take some time to declutter your kitchen cabinets as you clean. Start by removing all items and choosing which ones you need to keep. Then, before you put them back, use a vacuum attachment to clean out crumbs and dirt, and wipe the cupboard around with your usual household cleaner.

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