Kill The Unicorns

Kill The Unicorns started its amazing career in a Kickstarter campaign launched in 2017, where the great gameplay, gritty theme and excellent artwork of the game by artist Levi Prewitt allowed to rally more than 8.000 backers around this unique game and its iconic Pigicorn (also available as a plush). Since then, Kill The Unicorns was translated in no less than 8 languages (Spanish, German, Italian, French, English, Czech, Hungarian, Russian) and distributed in over 30 countries in 2020. The Gioco Dell’Anno is the game’s first great award.

KILL THE UNICORNS in a few words:- Easy to understand: really fun and terribly addicting. The aim is to collect as many unicorns as possible!- A strong graphic universe: 141 cards with unique illustrations- From 10 years old, games of 2 to 6 players: ideal for having good times with your family and friends! If you hate UNICORNS and are a BLUFFING master, this game is PERFECT for you!