Maliha Abidi at Frameless

Whilst any visit to London should now include the thrilling immersive experience at Frameless what is often overlooked is that there is a small (well small by their standards) room next to the cafe which actually has tables and chairs into which you can take food. This room hosts digital exhibitions by guest artists.
The latest guest artist is Maliha Abidi whose very expressive work has a young woman reading her phone under the bedclothes as well as writing and sketching by candlelight. With some vivid clay tones which accentuate the subjects skintones there are is also the recurring motif of a heart – not the one featured on cards but a fully realised 3d version of one which beats. A close up of eyes and eyebows slowly pans back to a face blinking at you
This Pakistani born artist now lives in both London and L.A. and brings a fusion of both cultures into her work. Still in her mid twenties her vibrant work shows also a maturity of spirit and boldness.
Although only a few minutes long this is not to be overlooked once you have had your fill of the masters that have swirled around you before.

Frameless is a stones throw from Marble Arch

Any digital artists interested in taking up residency in Blank Canvas should email for more information.