My First Book of Electromagnetism   

ISBN-13: 9781787081246

Author: Sheddad Kaid-Salah Ferrón, Illustrated by Eduard Altarriba

Price: £12.99

No. of pages: 48

Dimensions: 248 x 248 mm

Colour: Full colour throughout

Age Range: 8+

My First Book of Electromagnetism uses fascinating bite-size facts, clear and simple explanations and attractive and absorbing illustrations to illuminate the mysteries of electricity and magnetism. What is electricity? What has it got to do with magnets? What is magnetism? And the most fascinating thing of all, what has all this got to do with light? All these questions are answered in this introduction to the fabulous world of electromagnetism.

We have been impressed by Button Books other recent offerings such as the great lives in graphics series and this science based tome follows the same in house approach to layout with some fun drawings, intersting facts and easy experiments such as making a homemade battery (with a small watt LED lamp).

There are some fun experiments to try with ballons too!

At a very reasonable price this is a gentle introduction to the subject