New: research reveals a quarter of Brits have never received a compliment

Nothing lifts the spirits like a good compliment, yet for many Brits, being on the receiving end appears to be out of reach.

A new survey has revealed that nearly a quarter (24%) of Brits have never or cannot remember ever receiving a compliment.

The research investigated the nation’s habits when giving and receiving compliments.

The poll of 2,000 respondents found that 1 in 5 Brits (20%) are reluctant to give more compliments for fear of causing offence and over a quarter (26%) of Brits admit they’re too shy to give more compliments.

The study was commissioned by Soreen, the original malt loaf brand, to support the launch of the new Soreen Lift Bar, which is naturally occurring in vitamin B12 which helps fight tiredness and fatigue and available in three delicious mood-boosting flavours.

As part of the campaign, Soreen has partnered with comedian, TikTok star and compliment connoisseur Troy Hawke of Greeters Guild fame to put compliments back on the menu.

The well-dressed well-wisher was recently spotted in Manchester lifting the spirits of locals with random acts of kindness and sampling the Soreen Lift Bar in a custom-made briefcase.

According to the poll, the compliments that would uplift Brits the most spontaneous or unexpected ones (45%) – Brits would also rather receive a compliment on how they look (31%) over their intelligence (24%).

A third of Brits (33%) admitted they’ve never given a compliment to a stranger.

It found that the average Brit serves up 181 compliments per year, with an incredible 4% (1 in 25) of Brits revealing they’ve never given someone else a compliment before.

Hawke, who has mastered the art of the spontaneous compliment to strangers, has provided insight into tricks of the trade to help nail the perfect compliment.

“Compliments are simple, but not easy. Most folk worry the compliment they’re about to give will be misconstrued. Then they worry they’ll project the anxiety they’re feeling onto the person in question then decide against it.

“But the fact of the matter is if you can positively highlight something that someone has made an effort on, guaranteed you’ll make their day. Avoid the obvious, avoid the genetic, look at the details.

“Deliver it with a smile, walk on, job done. And you know what? It’ll make your day too.”

“To mark the launch of the Soreen Lift Bar, we’re calling on the good people of Great Britain to double their compliment quota and pay someone a compliment every day.”

The survey showed that men give out more compliments than women and adults aged between 24-35 give the most compliments whilst those aged over 55 give the least.

Across the UK, Belfast is crowned “the capital of compliments” with the people of the city giving on average more compliments than those of any other city.

Plymouth, Southampton, Glasgow and Manchester completed the top five.

Liz Jacobs, marketing director at Soreen said, “The data we’ve found shows that Britain needs a lift more than ever, and with Soreen Lift Bars, we hope to boost people’s mood with flavour and naturally occurring B12 vitamins, when they need it most.

“Compliments cost nothing but provide such a big lift, we’re pleased to combine our work with Troy to provide a physiological and emotional boost to the nation.”

With The Soreen Lift Bars being available to buy now in multipacks of 4 bars, Soreen hopes the British public will take a leaf out of Troy Hawke’s book and lift up their fellow citizens and themselves.