Vodafone and Disney is set to re-invent the kids smart watch category with the launch of ‘Neo’, the smart kids watch. Pre-register you interest at v.vodafone.com, available in early 2021. Vodafone and Disney have combined their respective capabilities in technology and entertainment to produce a... Read more

WeSC headphones

Cutting-edge Swedish fashion brand launches range of contemporary true wireless headphones Fashion and lifestyle brand WeSC, known for stand-out creativity and style, has released a line of headphones. Specifically designed for youth on-the-go, the range is made up of affordable yet stylish true wireless... Read more

Where Science Meets Art

With the help of science Etta Loves launches a NEW 100% Organic Cotton Drawing Collection. Etta loves has launched their first collection in super soft 100% organic cotton.  Inspired by Etta (age 4) and her love of art, The Drawing Collection includes an original... Read more

Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Battle Bus

The Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Battle Bus has today been selected for the renowned DreamToys 2019 full list. Chosen by an independent panel of UK retailers and industry experts, the DreamToys list is widely regarded as the most authoritative predictive list for top Christmas... Read more

Thermapen Digital Baby Food Thermometer

Thermapen is every weaning parents saviour as it has launched its ‘First Foods Digitsal Thermometer’ which is designed to help you check the temperature of children’s food and milk during weaning. The Thermapen First Foods offers a combination of speed, accuracy and convenience for... Read more


Finally a product specially for children that won’t dry their hands out the way ordinary hand cleaners do. Foaming Hand Sanitiser especially designed for children to safely remove any nasty bacteria whilst moisturising young skin. Kills 99.9% of bacteria 98% natural Alcohol Free Foaming Moisturises... Read more

UK Baby-Sitting Service

Having just had a brilliant experience with Baby Sitter UK, what could we do but recommend them to our viewers. It is always difficult when travelling to find a baby-sitter that one can trust, not only to take care of your children the way... Read more


You would need a week to do justice to Blackpool. We found so much more than expected including excellent dining and a theme park to rival Disneyland. This section will be building over the next few days and will continue to be updated. Our thanks... Read more


Feasting at the modern Greek table By Theo A. Michaels Ryland and Pers £16.99 ISBN: 9781788790796 Known for his Masterchef UK appearances Theo Michaels is on a mission to not only pay homage to the traditional Greek dishes of his childhood but also to... Read more