Pool Dining Tables set to be the breakout ‘must-have’ home furnishing item of 2023

Signature Warwick in Grey Oak finish with and without dining top

Off the back of a significant spike in pool dining table popularity, the team at www.homeleisuredirect.com have analysed Google Trends and TikTok data, finding that the functional furniture item is set to be a stand-out, must-have home furniture item of 2023.

It was initially found that searches across Google for the relatively unheard-of product have risen by 270% since December 2022, setting a new record in search volume for the item in the first two weeks of 2023. What’s more, there’s been more than 8,400 worldwide searches for the item in the past month, with almost half of those being online searches in the UK (4,100). Analysis also shows a steady increase in online searches of 124%.

This trend is not only present on Google; TikTok currently lists over 32,000 views across four pool dining table hashtags, compared to 11,200 for the same hashtags in November 2022. This represents close to a 186% increase in views and searches for what is set to establish itself as 2023’s home interior trend.

In addition to this, the company has revealed that it was the most searched-for product range on its website, further highlighting the significance of this breakout trend for 2023.

The award-winning games room retailer found sales flew during the Coronavirus pandemic, particularly while lockdown restrictions were in place. Customers bought the pool dining table products in unprecedented numbers as they looked for ways to entertain themselves at home.

Home Leisure Direct offers an extensive range of pool dining tables that are both stylish and functional, taking beautifully designed pieces of dining furniture and building professional pool tables within them.

Signature Anderson in Oak finish with and without dining top

Home Leisure Direct’s exclusive Signature pool dining table range is made by world-leading manufacturers to professional tournament-grade standards. Each product comes in a variety of styles to suit all interior design trends, with different sizes, cloth colours, and finishes. These carefully thought-out elements have been created following customers’ feedback, including the adjustable height of the tables to match competition requirements and to comfortably fit dining chairs underneath. This makes every table a statement feature that can elevate any home entertainment space.

What’s more, customer feedback analysis showed consumers enjoyed the fact that the tables were multi-use, from being the perfect place for the family to gather for dinner to keeping everyone together to play pool, snooker or even ping pong. As more homeowners look for ways to save space in their homes, and with transforming furniture predicted to be a top interior design trend this year, a pool dining table is a perfect solution to combine togetherness and entertainment, without compromising on style.  

Outside of London, the top five areas with the most demand for pool dining tables were found to be:

  1. Manchester – 85%
  2. Liverpool – 71%
  3. Bristol – 65%
  4. Cardiff – 59%
  5. Yorkshire – 54% 

Customer research also showed that families valued the high-quality appearance of the tables and their ability to fit in all manners of property because of the wide range available. 

Hilary Cutler, Marketing Director at www.homeleisuredirect.com, commented:

We honestly weren’t surprised to see the popularity of our tables grow, both in terms of the number of online searches and the number of people making enquiries.

The importance of togetherness, entertainment, and being active are the main benefits of investing in a pool dining table. Not only can you all eat together at the table but you can also avoid constant screen time by spending time with each other in an active and fun way instead.

We find our customers aren’t solely those searching for pool tables but also those who are looking for dining tables, due to our extensive range of styles and designs. We truly believe that this, along with the wide range and high-end look and feel of the products, are just a few of the reasons why it’s set to become one of the must-have furniture items of 2023.”

Some of the company’s best-selling Pool Dining Tables include:

Signature Warwick Pool Dining Table – £1,649.00 in Grey Oak finish

Signature Chester Pool Dining Table – £3,697.00 in Silver Mist finish

 Signature Anderson Pool Dining Table – £3,999.00 in Oak finish

Home Leisure Direct have also thought further than just the pool dining table; they stock an extensive range of benches to complete the dining set up, with matching finishes to most tables, and with the option to add storage within them for cues, chalk, balls and the triangle. The thinking behind this is to ensure once the household is in dining mode, there needn’t be any sign of the pool table or game visible – until it’s required.

Hilary Cutler continues:

So many clients have talked to us about the need to have an entertainment-based focal point for the family in the home as part of their home improvement design aspirations in the latter stages of 2022, that the increase in demand for pool dining tables comes as no surprise.

Table care is just as important as the style, and Home Leisure Direct has a wealth of expertise and products to help keep your table the best it can be for the dining room and the games room. Adjustable feet give the opportunity to raise or lower the height of the table to suit any home and dining chair. Many tables have clever dining top storage built-in under the table to keep the tops safe during play, or you can purchase one of their freestanding dining top holders. The sectional tabletops come in two or three pieces for ease of moving, but fit seamlessly together to give the dining table illusion and to protect the cloth. For further watertight protection, customers can add a waterproof cover inside.