Savyll’s non-alcoholic cocktail range for Christmas and beyond

Elegant ready-to-serve brand Savyll welcomes everyone to celebrate a luxurious Christmas with its enticing array of non-alcoholic cocktails.

Perfect for a Christmas gift or as a festive party tipple, the four flavours are; an aromatic peach Bellini, a fresh and crisp Mojito, a zesty grapefruit Paloma and a fiery Moscow Mule.

And come the New Year they are the perfect dry Jan drink.

Here’s more about these delectable drinks:

Bellini: A sparkling Bellini flavoured cocktail crafted with a fusion of delicate floral white peach notes on the nose, and a pleasantly dry white wine finish. The Bellini has been given one-star by the Great Taste Awards.

Mojito: A sparkling Mojito flavoured cocktail with a balanced arrangement of citrus, sweet spearmint, rosemary and lime, combined with a spice aroma.

Paloma: A sparkling Paloma flavoured cocktail crafted with earthy agave and bittersweet grapefruit characteristics on the nose, crisp lime on the palate, and a pleasing acidic finish.

Moscow Mule: A sparkling Moscow Mule flavoured cocktail with a delicate balance of lime and ginger on the nose, with herbal notes on the palate, and a little heat on the finish. It was awarded Double Gold in the San Francisco Spirit Awards in 2023.

They are all vegan-friendly, gluten-free, crafted from natural ingredients, and contain less than 4g of sugar per 100ml. Each drink is available in a 250ml can and has an RRP of £2.40.

Savyll’s created the perfect stocking filler gift this Christmas – their beautifully presented Collection Pack allows you to explore the full range of sophisticated flavours mentioned above.

The Savyll Collection Pack can be purchased on the website. It can either be bought as four 250ml cans for £10 or 12-can packs for £25. To find out more, visit