Scientists reveal perfect lullaby for sending babies to sleep

  • Aldi’s baby and toddler brand, Mamia, teams up with researchers and top record producer to bring lullabies into the 21st century
  • The perfect lullaby should be around 50BPM and doesn’t need any vocals
  • The lullaby, ‘Drift’, is inspired by Pink Floyd and features watery sounds, white noise and wind chimes

Researchers have created the ultimate lullaby for babies after teaming up with top music producer, Sillkey, who has worked with artists including Craig David, Mabel and XX – with an ambient, ethereal soundscape called ‘Drift’.

Aldi’s baby and toddler brand, Mamia, commissioned The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) to undertake research to identify the perfect music formula for getting babies off to sleep.

The research found that the track should be an instrumental piece at least five minutes long at around 50 beats per minute. It should also be composed of white noise and womb-like sounds, be in a low frequency and include drifting chords that repeat.

Based on the insight that sleepless nights are what unite all parents, the instrumental has been developed to offer parents, nationwide, the perfect formula when it comes to bedtime – offering little ones a soothing lullaby to get them sleeping soundly.

According to the therapeutic sound consultant behind the track, its ‘undulating textures’ weave round each other, taking the listener on a dream-like journey towards peaceful sleep – while capturing the spirit of classic Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon.

Lyz Cooper, founder of The British Academy of Sound Therapy, said: The ancient art of the lullaby is largely forgotten, and Drift aims to bring it into the 21st century.  It’s an ambient musical soundscape containing many of the magical ingredients or ‘sonic vitamins’ of a traditional lullaby.

“While many of the lullabies we remember from our childhood featured vocals, the research found that lyrics can distract and overwork the brain. Songs without vocal elements were more relaxing so we’ve created an instrumental piece featuring sounds that were found to be calming. The length was also important, and five minutes has been shown to be the minimum time to induce relaxation.”

Top-10 producer Sillkey, who created the track based on the British Academy of Sound Therapy study, added: “With two young children of my own, sleepless nights are certainly something I can relate to. Even though lullabies aren’t my usual style, when Aldi asked me to create one I leapt at the chance. It’s a challenge to turn research into something sonic but I think we did it justice. I hope that this helps parents, I just wish I thought of it first!”

This lullaby is just one of the many ways that Aldi is making life easier for parents. From award-winning nappies, excellent value baby wipes to snooze inducing lullabies, the much-loved Mamia brand is always there for parents when they need it. Shoppers can find Mamia products in-store or via Click and Collect.