Stardust Set from Magna-Tiles

Magna-Tiles 3D magnetic building tiles are a great way to add a splash of colour and sparkle to your child’s playtime. With the addition of the glitter and mirrored tiles in this set it will add some extra sparkle to your child’s imagination and playtime!

Magna-Tiles 3D magnetic building tiles are a must-have educational toy for imaginative play. Children can use Magna-Tiles to stack, build, and explore. The shapes have a unique ability to always attract, even when the tiles are flipped – it’s the secret power of the click!

Specially designed for little hands, Magna-Tiles are a great educational toy for young learners. The tiles help children to explore and develop their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, creative thinking, as well as encouraging engineering skills.

Whether building a colourful rainbow, a bustling city or a soaring rocket ship, little ones will be getting a head start on learning shapes, colours and basic building skills.

RRP: £19.99

Age: 3-5yrs

Stockists: Smyths