Suri Eco Electric Toothbrush

Just when you thought that toothbrush design couldn’t go any further along comes Suri.

Recently launched UK-based sustainable wellness brand SURI has created an innovative, eco-friendly electric toothbrush in a bid to offer the world’s most sustainable smile and help combat the wasteful impact of oral care. The SURI Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush marks a new, design-led bathroom essential made primarily from plant-based and recyclable materials, offering a superior clean with minimal impact on the environment.

While sales of bamboo manual toothbrushes continue to grow as consumers make changes to live more sustainably, there hasn’t been an eco-alternative for the thousands of electric toothbrush users to date.Until now.

Each year, SURI estimates that global disposal rates of toothbrushes amount to 4 billion and almost all models are not recyclable in municipal recycling streams. While electric models are proven to help consumers achieve a better clean, reducing plaque by 21% and gingivitis by 11% (Cochrane Review, 2014), unfortunately, they have the worst carbon footprint compared with other toothbrushes. And although household electrical appliances are small, they make up 2% of landfill waste, and it is estimated that they contribute to 70% of the pollution on land and in water

The team at SURI are on a mission to tackle these issues, bringing a revolutionary new option to the market that helps advance the industry’s sustainable credentials.Built with a right-to-repair in mind, the Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush features an aluminium handle and plant-based heads. Unlike other electric models, the body can be easily dismantled by SURI for recycling or repair when sent back. A lifetime guarantee under a subscription plan also covers the replacement of brush heads every one to three months and free maintenance. SURI provides hassle-free mail-back recycling for all their products to ensure that none of its brushes ends up in landfills or oceans.

A long-lasting rechargeable battery powers the toothbrush for 30-plus days between charges, and sonic technology delivers 33,000 brush movements per minute, providing an eco-friendly approach to healthier teeth, a brighter smile, and a clean conscience

Short for ‘Sustainable Rituals’, SURI is a new sustainable wellness start-up by co-founders Mark Rushmore and Gyve Safavi. The duo spent years working for the multinational personal care and hygiene conglomerate P&G. Harnessing their wealth of experience, Rushmore and Safavi decided it was time to help tackle the industry’s environmental impact through sustainable innovation. The duo is committed to using as many recyclable and biodegradable materials as possible in all of its products while running its business with a net positive environmental impact

SURI’s modern and innovative approach to its Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush also expands to the accompanying accessories, including a UV-C LED light clean and charge travel case and a magnetic wall-mountable toothbrush stand. The case can be charged via USB, keeping your brush ready to use while killing up to 99% of bacteria that builds up in the toothbrush head with built-in UV-C LED cleaning lights

So far so tantalising. It’s great to hear the eco-message, but what of the product itself. Well the good news is that it is lighter and slimmer than some of the more bulky market leaders and it is also remarkably smooth. My own electric toothbrush from a well known brand has a series of rubber ribs near the join with the detachable head and they are a devil to keep clean.

This product is light in the hand and feels very smooth.

It also comes in more than one colour.

  • Winter Fern (soft green colour)
  • Midnight black
  • Sea Mist (white/grey colour)

Of particular interest is the UV cleaning light that although not a substitute for cleaning is a great addition and made me feel that there was a lot less chance of germs lurking away. It works on a one minute cycle and will turn blue when working.

I’ts all so neat and apart from the storage box I loved the concept of the magnetic mirror mount so it’s close by. This is a pic of the black model that we tried

The charging stand features a magnetic recess with the interface rather than the traditional male and female connections and there is a gentle blue slow pulse light whilst charging which will eventually turn to white.

There are three (all recyclable boxes within the sleeve and one has the brush head in a sealed envelope and the other has the charger, mirror mount and leads.

So what of the actual sonics? Well not that high pitched and no complaints about the action inside the mouth. There is an undulating brush shape and it’s pretty comfortable and with that slimmer size is easier to move around.

Current prices (check website for updates)

Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush with Case: £120
Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush with Case – Black Friday and Christmas sales: £84 (30% discount)
Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush without Case: £90
Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush without Case – Black Friday and Christmas sales: £63 (30% discount)

Enclosed is a prepaid bag/envelope for you to return your head to be recycled. Replacement heads will also come with the envelope which is compostable.

2 modes for everyday clean and also polish are included and it should be able to remember what you last used and as I previously mentioned a tongue scraper there is a discreet one on the rear. You know what mode it is by the colour of the LED light.

A standard two minute timer is included.