Take a tour into lighthouse towers, walk or dine on the ocean floor!

A unique “apple core” lighthouse, Cape Forchu is the only one in Nova Scotia that can be climbed and has an intact lightkeeper’s dwelling open to the public.  

Take a guided tour into the lighthouse tower, learn some interesting facts about Cape Forchu and enjoy spectacular views. Explore the rugged landscape and take in the breathtaking vista. Visit the lightkeeper’s residence, a provincial heritage property complete with museum artifacts. Fancy a picnic? Discover the Leif Erikson Park with walking paths, picnic sites and benches, providing front-row seats for amazing sunsets! – You can also meet “Foggy” the 50’ whale skeleton which is on display also in the park. 
Walk or dine on the ocean floor of Nova Scotia’s
Bay of Fundy
A visit to Nova Scotia is not complete without witnessing the incredible tides of the Bay of Fundy. Each day, twice a day, 160 billion tonnes of seawater flow in and out of the Bay of Fundy.  There are many one-of-a-kind adventures to experience the Bay of Fundy – here are a couple to get some inspiration going!

Burntcoat Head Park is the site of the highest recorded tides in the world. At low tide you can easily make your way down the staircase to the seabed where you can explore. Look for fossils, carefully examine ocean life in the tidal pools, join a guided tour for expert insights, explore the caves, or simply marvel at the incredible scenery. A mere 6 hours later the mudflats where you once stood will be covered in up to 42 feet of water. Walking trails, a replica lighthouse, picnic area and scenic viewpoint of Cobequid Bay round out the experience.
So, you’ve explored the seabed. Now what? How about enjoying a gourmet meal on the ocean floor? Yes, we mean a multi-course, white linen gourmet meal.

Hosted at Burntcoat Head Park by Food Fantastique where guests can enjoy an intimate 3-course meal consisting of local lobster, cheeses and beef all paired with Nova Scotia produced beer and wine. 
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