The animals at Woburn Safari Park know how to keep cool

t’s hot hot hot! But the animals at Woburn Safari Park are being kept cool with some watery pampering! Below are links to fantastic videos showing how Gordon the gorgeous Aldadra giant tortoise is loving the sprinkler whilst the Asian elephant herd are enjoying being hosed down in their giant baths

  • Gordon the Aldadra giant tortoise loving the sprinkler!

Darren Fellowes, Head Elephant Keeper said: “The herd is given access to everything they need to cope with the extreme hot temperatures.  Although they originate from Asia, they are adapted to the UK climate, so keepers make sure the elephants stay cool with plenty of shade, cooling hose downs and their very own wallow in each paddock.  They also have a regular visit to their own private lake, where they love to cool down with a swim.  It’s a great opportunity to cool down, exercise, have a bath and have some fun.  The elephants clearly have a great time and they follow it up with a dust bath that helps protect their skin from the sun.” 

  • Asian elephants keeping cool in their wallow:

Tom Robson, Acting Head Keeper, Reserves said: “The African species are very well adapted to the hot weather and seem to enjoy the heatwave far more than the keepers do.  But some of the animals, particularly those with thicker fur, have struggled this week and the keepers here have been working hard to keep them cool.

  • Barbary macaques enjoying cooling fruit ice lollies: