The Best Bike Rides with Kids

Spring is a great opportunity to get the kids outdoors and enjoy some time together as a family. Cycling, and going on a long bike ride together, is a perfect way to do this.

It can be difficult getting the kids organised and in the car, let alone picking a place to go. That’s why the cycling experts from Bobbin Bikes have created their own list of the best places for a family bicycle ride.

Get the kids fitted out with a bicycle that they love, choose one of the routes that fits your location and distance needs, and set off for some family fun.

Wandle Trail

12.5 miles along the Wandle river in West London.

Explore the river Wandle, a tributary of the Thames, on this specially designed trail which follows it all the way to its source in Waddon ponds. Picking a way through numerous parks and green sites, the Wandle trail is simple to navigate and, at just over 12 miles, is easily manageable for younger children. Find it just a short distance from East Croydon Station.

The Cinder Track

21 miles between Scarborough and Whitby.

Explore the Yorkshire coastline with this off-road route through the North York Moors National Park. Situated just inland from the coast (but close enough to go and explore it), the track is accessible for all ages and follows an old railway line – but there are some hills to look out for! Start at Scarborough railway station and make your way up to Whitby.

Rutland Water

17 miles (or 23 if including Hambleton Peninsula) around Rutland Water Reservoir.

Explore the lush surrounds of Rutland Reservoir, one of the largest reservoirs in the UK, and its nature reserve by taking a day to cycle around it. With a short and long route to choose from, the Rutland Water trail circles the reservoir and offers views of its wetlands and the old church tower that still pokes out above the water! Begin from the Rutland Water visitor centre.

Cuckoo Trail

14 miles through the Sussex Countryside

A safe, surfaced path winding its way through the green corridor of what used to the be “Cuckoo Line” railway. Beginning at Heathfield and stretching as far as Shinewater Park (or the other way around) in Eastbourne, this trail offers beautiful views of the Sussex countryside and the opportunity to see lots of wildlife at most times of the year.

There are few things better than getting outdoors and enjoying nature and exercising together as a family. Explore one of these routes or, if you or the kids still need a bike, find a model that fits at Bobbin Bikes

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