Toss aside the ordinary and indulge in a new slaw-tastic range of gourmet slaws.

Get set for a taste adventure this spring as Florette Gourmet Slaws hit the shelves. Shredded to perfection, each bite is flavour-packed to provide an instant escape from the bland and boring mayo heavy coleslaws we’re used to.

Three brand new slaws will spice up your life when they land in Sainsbury’s from April and early May in Tesco and Booths, RRP £1.80*.

Florette Gourmet Slaws feature the finest tastes from around the world with South and East Asian inspired flavours and adding a dash of colour and inspiration to salads, sandwiches, wraps and more!

Korean Gochujang (215g)
A delicious blend of aromatic spices and chilli with carrot,
red cabbage, and red onion.

Indian Spiced (195g)
A combination of Indian flavours and yoghurt with mixed
colourful cabbages and red onion.

Chinese Inspired (185g)
A tangy mix of soy and ginger with white cabbage,
carrot, and red onion.

We Slaw It Coming!

From the Dutch Koolsla which is short for koolsalade – cabbage salad. The product and name became anglicised in the 18th Century after Dutch immigrants bought it over to the US.

Arriving on the cusp of summer, and just in time for National BBQ Week (May 27th – June 2nd) as shoppers gear up to host friends and family, Florette Gourmet Slaws are this summer’s must have accessory to transform any meal!