What is War? Book Review

By Eduard Altarriba

Button books ISBN: 9781787081284

What is War? is a book designed to offer a simple answer to all the questions kids might ask when hearing about war and conflict on the news.
Since the beginning of humasn history there has been conflict and it still continues today. Although Ukraine might grab the headlines today there are smaller conflicts on an almost daily basis be they regional or civil wars.
The 40+ pages (which include a glossary) are heavily illustrated with charts and drawings. The aim is to introduce this heavy but perennail subject for the 8+ agegroup.

Why do countries or different ideological groups fight? What are the key points about between different types of conflict? Is there such a thing as a just war? What are the tools used to wage war, from weapons to propaganda? How can we end wars, and who are the real winners and losers? This book tells the reader through clear explanations punctuated by historical and contemporary examples what war is and how it can be prevented. It is part of a series of books for children designed to provide them with all the information they need to understand the complex world we live in.

There are several pages each on Syria and Ukraine and it also reintroduces topics that some of us had forgotten about since Princess Diana’s passing – landmines, which are still a dangerous issue around the world.

It also touches upon those who profit from war such as mercenaries, contractors, arms manufacturers and arms dealers.

Eduard Altarriba
Eduard Altarriba is a graphic designer and illustrator. He runs Alababalà, a studio producing games, exhibitions, animation, apps and practical and fun workbooks for children. He has illustrated several books published by Button Books including the award-winning and bestselling STEM series My First Book of Science.