Air-Play-N – Kids Reveal the Flight of The Future

With flights to over 4500 destinations, new research from reveals what children want from the plane of the future to help make travel even better

  • A clear roof to see the stars (39%), a go-karting track down the aisle (27%) and a no adults zone (21%) have been revealed as what kids really want in a new plane of the ‘future’
  • An on-board swimming pool also makes the list (40%), as well as a mini football pitch (31%) and sandcastle station (22%)
  • Travelling in style, kids would use their dream flight to head to the Caribbean (34%) and The Maldives (31%) and if anything was truly possible, 59% would say yes to flying to the moon. 
  • The research comes as 35% of kids say flying is more fun for adults than kids. To help with this, Anna Mathur, leading psychotherapist, author and parenting specialist shares top tips for a ‘turbulence’ free journey with kids and how to keep travelling fun for everyone
  • Whilst it can’t send children to space, is on a mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world, offering flights, accommodation and attractions all in one place, to make the travel booking experience better and more seamless

With a mission to make it easier to experience the world, new research from leading digital travel platform has revealed that children’s imaginations have no limits when it comes to making travel better and more fun, by revealing what they want on their flights of the future. A survey of 1,000 6–11 year old UK children found that a clear roof to see the stars (39%), a go-karting track down the aisle (27%) and a no adult zone (21%) are some of kids’ biggest wishes for their next plane journey. 

In a bid to make their journeys as fun as possible, kids also dream of an on-board swimming pool (40%), a graffiti wall for them to draw on (41%) and a zone for their pets to join them on the flight (23%). Taking flying into their own hands, 28% would like a seat next to the pilot to help them fly! 

To bring kids’ imagination to life, tapping into what air travel might look like if they were in charge of planning trips, has created the plane of the future – from the minds of kids.A white and yellow airplane in the sky

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Demanding first-class service, 30% of kids would have their parents serve them snacks in the air if they had their own way, while 29% would prefer Father Christmas to take on that role. Over a quarter (30%) would like their favourite YouTuber to bring them food and drinks, while 13% would take revenge and ask their sister or brother to take the skies with them and bring them their in-flight meal. 

It’s not just the on-board entertainment kids have thoughts on, it’s also the destinations. Despite 59% saying they’d get on the next flight to the moon, some have more ‘realistic’ expectations. More than a-third (34%) say the golden beaches of the Caribbean are next on their list, 31% say the Maldives is on their bucket list, hoping to swim with wildlife and play on the beautiful beaches and 24% are hoping for a trip to Japan, seeking fast trains and robots. But unsurprisingly it’s Lapland that tops the list for all, with 59% dreaming of going to visit Santa.

Although can’t send children to the moon, the Maldives and Caribbean are doable, with flights to over 4500 destinations available on the app and website, offering travellers the best flight options for their next trip, alongside everything needed for a holiday, including places to stay, car rentals, airport taxis and attractions, making the booking process more seamless, so adults can concentrate on planning memorable trips with their kids.

Despite 40% of kids loving being in the air and seeing the clouds up close, this ‘blue sky’ thinking comes as 83% believe there isn’t enough for them to do on planes, and 35% say it’s much more enjoyable for adults. 

While flying to the moon on a plane full of space hoppers might not be possible, Anna Mathur, leading psychotherapist, author and parenting specialist comments: 

“Flying can be incredibly exciting, but as adults we’re often focused on getting to the destination as quickly as possible to hit the beach, jump in the pool or simply to get on with enjoying the trip we have been planning for months. So many parents struggle with guilt or fear around their children being disruptive to other passengers. In truth, your children are simply being children, and flying is an exciting, different experience for them. Some people don’t know or remember how it feels to be a kid on an exciting journey, others have forgotten how it felt when they took similar journeys, and some may well look at you with admiration and warmth!  

The research by not only shows the creativity of kids, but also how they can make something adults might not enjoy, much more fun – the journey there being part of the experience. As parents, we are responsible for ensuring our child is safe and accommodated for. We cannot always control how much noise they make or movement they crave. When we pressure ourselves to control the things that we cannot, we find our stress levels increasing. Afterall, nobody likes being told to sit still for the whole flight or to be quiet!”

Ryan Pearson, Regional Manager at UK & Ireland said:

“Slides, climbing walls and go-karts – now that is fun!  While we might not be able to reach the ‘sky’s the limit’ ideas from some very creative kids in this research, we are always striving to advance technology to make the travel booking process for parents as intuitive as possible. is a one-stop place for families to book their flights, airport transfer, accommodation and even the tickets for attractions – all in one place – meaning everyone can focus on enjoying their holiday and experiencing more of the world around them. We currently offer flights to over 4500 destinations worldwide, including the kids’ top picks of the Caribbean, the Maldives, Japan and Lapland. Unfortunately not the moon yet, but who knows what the future might hold!”

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