You Stole My Name

Written & Illustrated by Dennis McGregor

Published by Blue Star Press

RRP £16.99 For kids aged4–8• ISBN 9781941325988

The Curious Case of Animals with Shared Names

This fun picture book for kids features vibrant, hand-painted illustrations of animals with curious questions like “Why does the bull trout share its name with the bull?”

You Stole My Nameis a stunning collection of illustrations that takes you and your child on a colourful journey through the animal kingdom, telling the stories of the most interesting creatures and their namesakes. Written and illustrated by renowned artist Dennis McGregor, this book is also the perfect sing-along book for you and your child (Dennis sings through the book on YouTube!).You Stole My Nameis a beautiful and timeless “children’s coffee-table-art book.” It is the perfect picture book for children ages 3–10, making it a great birthday gift or Christmas gift.

Dennis McGregor is an illustrator, designer, songwriter and musician. On a piece of land near Sisters, Oregon, Dennis McGregor seeks a perfect balance between music, painting, and working the land. The pond he’s been digging by hand for over ten years is still not finished, but it’s nearly deep enough for diving!You can find Dennis’ artwork, books, and music at