Bucket list on a budget: 10 activities for less than £1,500

New research by leading UK Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) platform and the first BNPL travel agent, Butter, has revealed how the most ambitious of bucket lists can be ticked off on a budget. From swimming with dolphins in Florida to visiting the pyramids in Egypt, it’s all within reach, so what’s the use in waiting?

Bucket lists have been put on hold during the pandemic as foreign travel became non-existent.

Now that the world is reopening, it’s time to start ticking items off again, regardless of where the mission might take you.

Scuba diving can be done in various locations around the world and, with the training course and travel included, comes to an estimated average cost of £1,448.

To swim with dolphins, be it in Florida, Mexico, or anywhere else, the average cost is £1,115, while a trip to watch the Monaco Grand Prix costs an average of £1,021.

Skiing is another popular bucket list item and, thanks to great slopes being found so close to home, will cost an average of just £863 including travel, accommodation, and lift pass.

To visit the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt costs £690, including travel, accommodation and a pyramids excursion, while if it’s the Northern Lights that need to be ticked off, the cost of travelling to Reykjavik, Iceland, will be around £670.

While all of these options require foreign travel, for those who aren’t yet ready to head back into the world, a number of popular bucket list items can be ticked off here in the UK. A skydiving experience costs an average of £209; a ride in a hot air balloon costs £145; a tattoo costs an average of £130; and bungee jumping cost £77.

All of these activities, home or abroad, are accessible even to those who are on a tight budget. After the incredibly tough times that so many people have endured over the past couple of years, the bucket list can still be attacked full-on thanks to the interest-free BNPL offering from the likes of Butter. With a 10% down payment followed by 9 affordable monthly instalments, all of the activities listed above are doable for as little as £145month.

Timothy Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of Butter, commented:

“Everyone has a bucket list of some description, whether they share it with others or not, and one of the most frustrating aspects of the pandemic has been the inability to do the things we most want to do for such a long time.  With the pandemic easing and just seven nations remaining on the UK’s red list, this frustration can finally be released.

“However, the pandemic has also increased the financial pressure many of us are under which means current holiday and leisure budgets are likely smaller than they were before COVID-19 struck. If you think this means you can’t afford to start ticking off your bucket list items again, think again because spreading the cost interest-free via a BNPL platform such as Butter means the world and all of the wonders it has to offer are still very much in reach.”

Table shows 10 popular bucket list activities, their estimated cost, and the cost of a 10% installment with a no-interest BNPL payment plan
Bucket list ideasInfoEstimated average costBNPL cost at 10 installments via Butter
Go scuba divingA range of locations – including travel and activity (inc PADI course from £295)£1,448£145
Swim with dolphinsA range of locations e.g. Florida, Mexico – including travel and activity£1,115£111
Monaco grand prixTravel, stay, and activity – Monaco (4 nights) plus race general admission (£180)£1,021£102
Go skiingA range of locations – including travel and stay (ave £533.40) and activity (approx £110 per day and 3 days of skiing)£863£86
See the Pyramids of GizaTravel, stay, and activity – Cairo, Egypt (7 days) plus pyramids tour and entry (approx £45)£690£69
See the Northern lightsVisit Reykjavik, Iceland for northern lights – 7 day trip£670£67
SkydiveSkydive experience – UK£209£21
Hot air balloon rideBalloon ride – UK£145£14
Get a tattooTattoo – UK£130£13
Go bungee jumpingBungee jumping – UK£77£8
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