Jurassic Encounter Returns

You may remember that we reviewed this touring experience where you get up close to life sized dino’s as you walk through parkland. Well this year they are back and the tour kicks off in London (Watford), before travelling around the UK (see list of venues below).

There are a couple of dozen and they range from the really big to the more smaller (velociraptor). A plaque sits beside each exhibit to tell you about them and a number have small movements of the neck or tail, and a fair few have roars coming from speakers. Aquatic and flying dino’s are there and also two big T-Rex, one of which is outside of the enclosure so all can look at him for free.

Naz Kabir, spokesperson for Jurassic Encounter, says: “Last year, thousands of visitors all over the UK enjoyed a day out with our prehistoric beasts, and we’re delighted to return for another tour in 2022. “This year we’ll have new dinosaurs, even more interactive exhibits including a VR experience and an education cinema where families will be able to learn more about these incredible creatures.

Guests will be invited to watch documentaries about the period in the Education Cinema Marquee along the route, bringing the beasts to life and showing how they roamed the earth.An excavation sand pit will allow children to dig for their dinosaur skeletons and fossils, and learn how archaeologists discovered the extinct species of past eras. And a VR experience will offer the chance to escape into a different world.

Food and refreshments will be available along the route and a merchandise trailer at the end of the route for children to purchase a souvenir. Guests are free to roam the park as they wish, and discover the animals lurking behind bushes and creeping through the undergrowth. Tickets start at £9.50 and earlybird tickets are available now for the Edinburgh event. For a 20% discount,visit www.jurassicencounters.uk and use the code EARLYBIRD20.

London / April 2 – 18 / Cassiobury Park, Watford WD17 3EX

Buxton / May 28 – June 12 / The Pavilion Garden, Buxton SK17 6BE

Edinburgh / July 2 – 17 / Newhailes House and Gardens, Newhailes Road, Musselburgh EH21 6RY

Rotterdam/Schiedam / July 28 – Aug 14 / Beatrix Park, Schiedam

Bristol / Oct 15 – 30 / Blaise Castle, Kings Weston Road, Bristol BS10 7QS

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