No chore’s a bore with Casdon’s bestselling collection of Henry and Hetty Toys!

As you get ready for the inevitable spring clean or perhaps end of lockdown tidy up, encourage your little ones to lend a helping hand with their very own child-sized tools from Casdon.

Henry and Hetty’s faces go hand in hand with happy housework and these mini versions won’t disappoint enthusiastic little ones as each item in the range works in a similar way to the adult version.

Both the Henry and Hetty Vacuums have a working suction that can pick up small bits of paper and waste. Like the real thing, all dirt gets caught in a removable drawer which is simple for little hands to empty. All accessories pack away neatly under Henry or Hetty’s Hat, and the cord is reeled in by turning the handle – just like the real thing!

Little ones adore role play and ‘helping’ to do jobs around the house. Encourage their enthusiasm further with the Henry and Hetty Cleaning Trolleys which offer a variety of tools that will have children ecstatic about cleaning up after themselves and keeping their space clean.

Featuring the cheeky yet cute faces of Henry and Hetty, children can wheel the trolley from room to room, checking what needs cleaning and select which items are best for the job.

We have seen this in action and can definitely confirm that there was a rivalry amongst the children about who could clean up best and crumbs and pencil shavings were particularly targeted.

The Cleaning Trolley includes a mop with fabric floor-cloth, which attaches using the easy ‘push-fit’ method, plus a long-handled brush perfect for sweeping. There’s also a dustpan and hand brush, and a pretend detergent bottle and paper debris sack.

There’s even a Deluxe version of the trolley that holds a hand vacuum with working suction and realistic sound!

We tried this out and the hand held came as a real surprise to them. One was doing the wheeling, whilst another was mopping and they took turns using the hand vac. It can hold a reasonable amount and is easily opened up by tweaking and rotating the end.

The trolley only took a couple of minutes to assemble and the children can join in by peeling off the stickers and placing them on the equipment.

It’s pretty robust and everything slots away well.

When the kids have finished playing, everything can be easily tidied away on the trolley, ready for doing the housework next time!

Henry and Hetty Vacuum Cleaners and Accessories

Price: £22.00 each

Age suitability: 3 years plus

Stockists: Argos, Selfridges & Co or Very

Henry and Hetty Cleaning Trolleys

Price: £16.50 each

Age suitability: 3 years plus

Stockists: Henry – Toymaster and Very. Hetty – Argos, Smyths and Very

Henry and Hetty Deluxe Cleaning Trolley

Price: £29.99 each

Age suitability: 3 years plus. Requires 3 x AA batteries

Stockists: Amazon, Very, Toymaster