Science School

30 awesome STEM experiments to try at home
By Laura Minter & Tia Williams
£12.99 Button Books
ISBN 9781787081062

Your home holds an amazing number of items and it is surprising how many of these can be utilised and combined to create science experiments. This book opens the door on what can be done at home with the minimum of mess. If you have a few empty jam jars, food colouring, cardboard, scissors, a wooden spoon, copper wire, pliers, glue, adhesive tape, beads, paper towels, oil and for a few experiments an egg, celery etc then you will be able to pretty much most of the items here.

They are an introduction to physics, chemistry and biology and in no time you will be making invisible ink, slime (a personal favourite), crystals, a kaleidoscope, and even butter.

Each experiment gives you all the ingredients and then takes you through the process step by step and at the end of each one there is a section called science made simple which talks you through what has been achieved and what it demonstrates i.e.capillary action, oxidation, sound waves and transpiration to name but a few.

There are plenty of colour photographs along with zany illustrations. There’s even a glossary of terms at the back.

What we liked was the sheer variety and the fact that little adult supervision was needed although an iron and scissors will be needed at some time.