Nutribuddy Pure: The UK’s first 100% wholefoods vegan meal shake with zero packaging

With life finally getting back to normal after lockdown, many of us have little time to cook or have a proper sit-down meal so we find ourselves reaching for unhealthy snacks.

Nutribuddy has come to the rescue with its new product, Pure; the UK’s first 100% wholefood meal shake which contains zero nasties and additives and is guaranteed to help power you through your day. 

It contains a unique blend of natural wholefoods including gluten-free oats, a variety of seeds such as flaxseeds and chia seeds and plant proteins such as pea, rice and hemp protein. 

Pure comes in two delicious flavours and what is truly unique is that it doesn’t contain any added flavourings. All flavours you can taste come from the wholefoods themselves – so, each sip is both nutritious and delicious:

  • Pure – Cocoa and Coconut; flavoured only with with cocoa powder, coconut flakes and ginger powder
  • Pure – Blueberry Matcha Green Tea; flavoured only with wild blueberry powder, matcha green tea and ginger powder

High in fibre, protein and slow release carbs, Pure is designed to keep you fuller longer and can be consumed for breakfast, lunch, dinner – or even a healthy snack on the go.

The product doesn’t contain any major allergens and has been designed to be soft on the stomach, so it’s ideal for those with IBS or who need to avoid ingredients containing lactose and soy. Plus, it’s suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Nutribuddy founder, Ella McKendrick, commented: “Nutribuddy Pure is designed as a meal on the go, ideal for those with busy lives. Simply add vegan milk to it or mix in some fruit in a blender for a delicious smoothie.

“So many foods, especially fast foods, are loaded with additives such as artificial sweeteners, added sugars, bulkers, thickeners and unnatural flavourings. As well as having no nutritional benefit, these ingredients are dubious for our health. We wanted to provide a pure meal, full of nutritional benefits with none of these unnecessary unhealthy additives, which could be consumed on the go.”

Nutribuddy’s resident nutritionist, Kelly Rose, said: “It’s actually a common misconception that breakfast cereals are more nutritious than shakes. People associate flakes of food as being better for us than their ground counterparts. However, studies have shown that this is not the case. In fact, ground oats release more beta-glucan (a soluble dietary fiber that’s strongly linked to improving cholesterol levels and boosting heart health) than whole porridge oats. Containing ground oats as well as a range of other powerful wholefoods, there’s no better way to fuel your body than with Nutribuddy Pure.”

With the launch of this new product, Nutribuddy has also become the first brand in the shake industry to introduce a zero packaging scheme.

Pure will be available in a reusable glass jar which is included in the price of the product. Once the customer has five empty glass jars, Nutribuddy will then arrange collection of the jars and credit the customer’s account with points which can be used for discount on future orders.

Nutribuddy then washes the jars and fills them up with more product, ready to go to the next customer. This method will gradually be rolled out to all of its products over time. 

Nutribuddy’s products contain organic ingredients where possible – and if they’re not organic they’ve still been grown as naturally as possible with minimal pesticide use. The gluten-free oats come from farms in the UK and Europe, meaning the oats don’t have to travel vast distances to get to the brand’s small factory.

Pure is priced at £13.99 and is available on the Nutribuddy website: 

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