This is a simple retro stle projector with an attached gun that puts a laser style dot on the wall as you zoom in on the target.

It’s a very simple to set up device with just 4 AA batteries (not included) to be installed and either one or two guns inserted into the jack points. Then there is just one target clip from a choice of 3 (red white and blue) to be slotted in and you are ready to go. The target clips are roughly the size of a USB stick and can only fit in one way.

It needs to be projected onto a blank wall (no wallpaper please). A white bed sheet draped over a wall can be quite effective too. It does need to be as dark as possible so that you can see the projections.

The three different targets are a target shape, a flying saucer and a duck and they each are harder to hit. After calibrating you are set to go and the red dot will appear on the wall as you move it towards the target.

There are two coloured buttons on the base unit and one (red) doubles as an on/off switch and you can select the game as well and the other button (blue) helps select a level so get to L1.

The blaster/pistol has a slide on the rear of the top which is basically a reloader and lets the unit know you are ready.

We really liked the simplicity of this and it is reminiscent of 70’s style games in size and solidness. There’s even a gunslot on the base unit to store the handsets. We did find it actually hard to hit the targets as you need to be pretty precise to register a hit which will result in an appropriate sound affect and the next target appearing elsewhere on the wall.
If you get to the next level then you have even less time to register a hit.
Using both hands on the blaster did help.

Your score will register on the multipurpose screen on the base unit. As you are only allowed a few misses you need to be precise and not aim randomly and blast away.

With 2 blasters in you can compete or go co-op. they have different coloured dots on screen (red and blue) as well as lighting up on the handset.

It is also good that you only need batteries for the main unit and the light guns feed off of that.


RRP £55